Puriskin Nurse Aid Cream

Hi beauties,

Today I have a great product Puriskin Nurse Aid Cream that I received in May Blogger Beauty Box. I have tried another product from the brand before which was the Puriskin Core Performance Therapy Resurfacing Formula that is great for damaged skin.

This powerful formula is for hands and nails and is so nourishing without being greasy, as I wash my hands a lot I want something that is good for dry skin and that won’t leave a horrible film over my skin. My little finger on my right hand has a little patch of eczema that can flare up when I haven’t been as diligent with the hand cream, when this happened I tested this. It’s also excellent for dry cuticles that can feel painful, it is a light cream with a Coconut and Palm Kernel Oil base, Vitamin E, Panthenol and essential oils of Chamomile, Bitter Orange, Eucalyptus, Spearmint and Lemon.

Nurse Aid Cream is a brilliant hand treatment that really hydrates that I find I can use throughout the day, but I do have a problem with the packaging. It has a tiny hole that dispenses the product, however if you don’t use it for even just a couple of hours the nozzle blocks so the next time you come to use it is will be so tough to try and get the cream out that you have to press the pump down too hard and then product tends to explode out of it. I’ve had it splatter all over my bedroom wall which had to be cleaned up very quickly! I have also ended up with it all over a t shirt which is such a frustrating waste of a great product.

Packaging gripes aside, this really is a fabulous product for very dry and tricky hands. It’s a light cream but extremely nourishing, with a beautiful fragrance. The essential oils give a light herby scent which is lovely, fresh and uplifting. I don’t think it is overly girly, it’s more of a lemon fragrance so pass this onto your chaps if they have badly conditioned hands! It doesn’t take long to notice improvements either and because it is so light you can use it each time you wash as your hands don’t feel greasy and slippery. Puriskin Nurse Aid Cream is available from http://www.puriskinbyvb.com and is £12.99 for 50ml.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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