Little Ondine Discovery Set 

Hi beauties

So today I have Little Ondine nail polish to talk about today, Little Ondine is a revolutionary nail polish that is actually water based so none of those ingredients that people can be sensitive to are in the formula. Weirdly, it doesn’t smell! So none of the usual stink you have with regular polish and as the polish peels off no more nail polish remover either!

I was so excited to receive the Little Ondine Discovery Set from QVC, as a polish afficiando I love hearing about new innovation so I couldn’t wait to try them. In the set are 3 full size colours in Red Red Wine, Baby Pink and Sweet Liquor. The set also includes a mini of Secret the base and top coat, a Gold glitter special effect and a dotting tool.

I first swatched all the colours by applying them to a base of Secret base and top coat. I would love to say that I loved them! But er, no to be honest (and you all know that I am) I have never been so disappointed with nail polish I’ve tried and over the years that has to be thousands of colours. I am not a professional nail technician, however I do have many years practice at painting nails and in my opinion, this formula is so difficult to work with. The lighter colours bubbled and looked so appalling and I couldn’t get even coverage with any of them at all. I stupidly didn’t take any photos and I am cursing myself now, because they looked so awful. I know that the first coat you don’t get fantastic coverage straight away (unless it’s one of those holy grail OCW – One Coat Wonders) and that is what your second coat is for. I couldn’t get decent coverage with a second, a third or a fourth so I gave up. Yes it is fun to peel it off and with no damage at all, but that couldn’t save this brand for me.

I also found that the colours didn’t particularly seem well mixed, you can see bubbles and discolouration in the corners of the bottles. Little Ondine got in touch with me via Instagram as I had posted my disappointments on my page, they state that light colours can bubble in transit but within a day this disperses. I can only say that mine didn’t as I tested mine 2 days after I got mine home. They also say that the colours self level, again they don’t and I am not the only one to find this upon reading reviews on the website. I must say I am glad it is not only me, because I was made to feel like I had been doing something wrong. All through the presentation it was reiterated that for perfect results you must follow the instructions to the letter which I definitely did.

I can’t recommend this brand at all which does sadden me, I don’t believe in being negative for the sake of it, but I do want to give my honest feedback and unfortunately this is what I found with Little Ondine. By all means try it for yourself, you may not experience the problems that I have had. Great to try a new brand and an innovative idea, in my opinion it just doesn’t stand up to their claims.

The Little Ondine Discovery Set is available from at £27.36 plus P&P.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

* UPDATE* Little Ondine have contacted me after seeing my review and comments on social media. They are sending me some other colours to try and have fed back my issues to the management and the chemists. I have testing the polishes that were sent to me and I have written a new review that you can find here


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