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Hi beauties,

I have two of my recent favourites from the OPI New Orleans collection, Rich Girls and Po Boys and I Manicure For Beads.

Rich Girls and Po Boys is a beautiful china blue, with complete opacity in two coats. The depth of colour is stunning and believe it or not, I don’t have another colour which is like this! In fact, that is true of both shades. I do wonder sometimes how companies do come up with new and original colours when they have created so many collections over the years. I love to wear really vibrant colours in the summer time and these two definitely tick the box.

I Manicure For Beads is a stunning purple again full opacity in two coat and the formula make these polishes easy to paint. For shades with such saturated pigment, clean up is actually easy, you usually find that they can bleed and run but none of those worries here. I love wearing blues and purples and have many variants but as I said before nothing quite like these! I find it frustrating when new collections come out and you think that you already have something exactly the same, I like to see a difference no matter how subtle. These colours are also very shiny without top coat, so if you don’t have time or don’t like to use top coat then you still have a gorgeous, bright shiny finish.

OPI definitely is my favourite nail brand, I don’t just use their colour, I swear by their treatment products. I recommend Nail Envy and Avoplex pretty much every day to anyone who asks how I keep my nails in good condition. They are truly holy grail products I couldn’t live without! Of course that’s not to say I don’t use other brands, another one I love is Barry M and I do have many Nails Inc polishes, but my first love has to be OPI.

Rich Girls & Po Boys and I Manicure For Beads are part of the Spring/Summer New Orleans collection and are £12.50 each from

Till next time,

Lucy xxx




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I'm a beauty junkie and nail polish addict. Love Instagram and reading other beauty blogs.

4 thoughts on “Nails of The Day”

  1. Lovely nails as always Lucy. I need to get some avoplex. My nails are shocking after I just peeled off some DIY gel polish – not good! Do you use any tools to get the perfectly rounded bit by the cutilces, or is it just practice? I often stay away from bolder colours because I can’t get the edges to look nice.

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    1. Naughty!! We’ve all done it though lol. I use Leighton Denny Precision Brush & Corrector and that helps tidy up stray polish, it’s much easier. It is a bit practice too but the brush & corrector are brilliant xx


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