Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish*


Hello beauties,

I love nail polish, it’s been a love affair I have had for many years now and a lot that I have tried and in my collection are Nails Inc. I am a big fan of theirs and the gel effects in particular.

I can’t remember exactly when this range was released, I’ve been using them for at least 2 years now. What makes this polish different is that it is markedly thicker than Nails Inc standard formula. I remember first trying it and thinking, this is far too thick, it will never dry! Of course I was wrong, once I used my beloved Seche Vite top coat it was rock hard dry in 5 minutes and didn’t have to worry. There are plasticizers in the formula that gives it a noticeably plump and mirror shiny finish that you get with gels/shellac without the need for a UV lamp. As I am getting older my nails are becoming increasingly ridged (which I hate) and those ridges can show through polish, though not with this fab formula it really does mask them.


This particular colour is Berkeley Street which was in my QVCUK Beauty Bash Goody bag, it is a beautiful creme peach that’s perfect for Summer (in fact I am wearing it now!) it’s not a colour I would usually choose. Until last year I shied away from really bright shades, now I love them. I love dark, bold, dramatic shades normally (I’m a red kind of gal) but now I am enjoying wearing this gorgeous colour.

Another thing I love about Nails Inc are the amazing new bottles with the cuticle shaped brush. I cannot rave about this brush enough as it is so easy to use, it is curved to fit your cuticle, I can cover my nail in about 2 swipes with minimal clean up. The brush makes painting a joy and literally does the work for you.

Wear time for me is longer with this polish, I can get a week easily out of these, standard polishes for me is 4-5 days. Saying that I am super fussy and I hate tip wear so as soon as polish looks like its wearing down it has to come off! I am sure that there are many more people that will get greater longevity than me.

Nails Inc Gel Effects are available from and are £15.00 for 14ml bottles.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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I'm a beauty junkie and nail polish addict. Love Instagram and reading other beauty blogs.

10 thoughts on “Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish*”

  1. I love Nails Inc; had a couple of the normal range from Christmas presents and finally got a gel one in one of my subscription boxes; tried it out and fell in love. They’re not something I buy very often as they are expensive but they’re one of the few ranges that are definitely worth that expense. They are my luxury treat and I would happily buy them all if I was rich!

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      1. I do love bling but then it doesn’t bother me how long it takes to remove. Spray can was a gimmick for me as every time I have seen it the cuticle line is covered and looks awful (I am very fussy!) Xx


      2. You have! That’s the first time I’ve seen cleanup that well from paint can. I’m too much of a perfectionist and I know that it would do my head in!! Xx


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