SBC Rose and Argan Oil Gel


Hi beauties,

Rose and Argan Oil Gel from SBC is another fabulous product that has found its way into my skincare collection. I’ve blogged about SBC before many times, they are a fabulous British brand that create real problem solvers.

I bought this after trying a new product from a brand and my skin had reacted to it. My skin was red, sore and uncomfortable, my skin is pretty hardy so it’s unusual for me to react. I had tried Propolis gel which was good for the the flakiness but the redness was the worst of the symptoms and it was taking it’s time to reduce in colour. Rose is a great ingredient for sensitive skin, it’s well known for taking down redness and strengthening your skin and this formula is a great one if you are suffering with high colour.

I do find SBC gels moisturising, Collagen, Propolis and even Camphor & Menthol has evening primrose oil in so it doesn’t irritate my eczema, however Rose & Argan Oil gel really is fantastic at giving you hydration without a greasy oily film. The fragrance of course is wonderful, of course you do have a bit of a problem if you don’t like rose! It’s not an old fashioned, cloying scent that rose fragrances can be, I find this quite fresh. As it is a gel it is very cooling and refreshing, you don’t need to use a lot either. I was using it as a serum underneath my moisturiser and over the top of an oil if I was using one. You can also use it in a thicker layer as a mask which was a lovely treat at the time, I love mixing it with the Collagen gel too for a treatment. It’s really easy to slot it into whatever skincare routine you have.

My skin had felt better within a day thanks to the cooling gel and it was only 3 days for the colour to fade completely. Since then I’ve been mixing it with Collagen gel to use on my body, they mix and moisturise very well for me and you are left with a really pretty fragrance that I don’t find overpowering. It doesn’t last all day so it won’t interfere if you want to wear perfume. I was so pleased with the results, I also mix it with body lotions and hand creams for an extra treat, these gels are so versatile you can’t really use them incorrectly. They are also fabulous value, a 500ml bottle is £22.50 from

Till next time,

Lucy xxx



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