The Organic Pharmacy Hand Cream Marigold & Comfrey


Hello beauties,

I received The Organic Pharmacy Hand Cream Marigold & Comfrey in my You beauty box for April and this is one of the options I chose. I love testing out new hand creams, it’s probably the most applied product during the day and I want to keep my hands in good condition.

So what is good about this hand cream I hear you ask? Well it is very lightweight and sinks into your skin very quickly, it’s very nourishing without being greasy. It leaves a slight sheen to your skin that looks hydrated but it won’t be going all over your keyboard or the screen of your phone. The base is made up of Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. It has a beautiful citrus scent due to the Orange and Lemmon Peel

Marigold and Comfrey are known herbs for healing skin, Marigold is also known as Calendula which is very good for chapped skin and surface abrasions. Honey and Propolis are in this formulation but doesn’t have the sickly smell that both ingredients can produce. My skin feels extremely soft and comfortable after using, I also use it around my cuticles for extra hydration as mine do tend to dry out due to many changes of polish during the week.

Unfortunately there is a but coming up, this is a lovely cream I won’t deny that however, for a 50ml tube it is £21.95! I know more natural products generally are more expensive, it’s so easy to pick up a £2.00 hand cream from a drugstore but they usually have ingredients I don’t like to use. Still, even for the lovely result and scent I wouldn’t repurchase. For the same price I can get my favourite Liz Earle hand cream which is a 150ml bottle so for me much better value. To be honest, the price of products has always put me off trying The Organic Pharmacy, I just can’t justify it. If you do have the budget and don’t worry about price then this is a beautiful cream to use. The Organic Pharmacy Hand Cream Marigold & Comfrey is available from at £21.95.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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4 thoughts on “The Organic Pharmacy Hand Cream Marigold & Comfrey”

  1. I signed up to You Beauty Box on your recommendation. I got a facial cleanser and this eyebag icecube thing which I haven’t tried yet as my selections. Be up on the blog soon. Thanks again for a great post.
    Zoe beau. xx

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    1. I will be very interested to hear what you think. I didn’t go for this month’s as there was nothing I really want to try but I will be looking at what comes up. Value is bonkers. Thank you, and thank you for your comment 😊 xx


      1. Can you chose when and if you want to receive it then? I figured it was much like my others and it just automatically renews each month. I will have it up on my blog this week, running a little slower than usual due to uni exams but I will be sure to publish it before weeks end. xx

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