Stargazer Gel Effect Nail Polishes


Hi beauties,

Another new brand to me to talk about today Stargazer and their Gel Effect Nail Polishes. Stargazer Cosmetics was established in 1976 and held a stall in the market of the Great Gear Market in the Kings Road London. They have a great range of colour cosmetics as well as special effects, glitters, face paints and even fake blood should you require it! It is a diverse and exciting company.

Stargazer reached out to me via Instagram and asked if they could send me a sample of their new Gel Effect Nail polishes, I said yes as regular readers know I love discovering brands I’ve not heard of before. 2 days later a huge box was delivered to me with the whole colour collection and some special effects including glitters, sequins and beads. I was so shocked as I had not expected such a huge parcel and was like a kid in a candy store, I couldn’t wait to open the box. All the following swatches are two coats with no topcoat.






















The formula of these polishes are great, as the are Gel Effects they are a thicker texture but I like that. You get good coverage, the wear time is great and the shine is amazing without topcoat. The colours are lovely, when I got the box there are a few colours that I thought I wouldn’t wear, however seeing them on and how gorgeous they are I will definitely be trying out all 12 and doing some art with the fabulous glitters. The brush is easy to use and the bottle is a lovely shape making them easy to hold. The price of the Gel Effect polishes are £3.50 which is fantastic value for such great quality, I love finding brands that offer superb value and Stargazer definitely offers that. In my opinion these hold up next to Nails Inc Gel Effects in terms of both quality of the polish and wear. Of course Stargazer beats Nails Inc hands down when it comes to value.

I also want to try some of the makeup in the line too, Stargazer have a great offering of cosmetics for very keen prices so I’m interested in how other products hold up. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these polishes, they really are very good. Check them out at the website

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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