This Works Deep Sleep Dream Cream


Hi beauties,

This Works Deep Sleep Dream Cream compliments This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray beautifully, I use this as my bedtime hand cream to help me wind down and get ready for bed.

The Dream Cream has the same signature scent of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert which is so soothing, this is a light cream but extremely hydrating. Containing Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Camelina Oil and UK sourced Crambe Oil these emollients help restore hydration, nourishes your skin and the essential oils makes it a wonderful soporific boost you need at bedtime. You can also use it as a body and foot lotion, I keep it for hands due to the 75ml size.  For a rich hand treatment I use the matching body oil first on hands and cuticles and apply the cream over the top and wear some cotton gloves.

I love essential oils and I am firm believer in aromatherapy, this cream soothes my hands and helps to calm my mind. Lavender is traditionally known as a calming scent, Vetivert is known as “the oil of tranquillity and Camomile is a relaxing scent and also calming for skin. Other oils included are Patchouli which is heady and luxurious and Ho Wood which has a Cinnamon/Camphor type scent that gives the cream a real woody spicy undertone that isn’t overpowering.

This cream is a staple at bedtime, is so wonderful for my skin and my soul. This Works Deep Sleep Dream Cream is available from and is £18.00 for 75ml. I ordered mine in December 2015 and as I only use it once a day is still going strong.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx




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3 thoughts on “This Works Deep Sleep Dream Cream

  1. Liz has been complaining anout her hands, I have tried her on the Liz Earle Hand repair and she loved it. I will recommend that she tries this too xx

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