Alpha H Age Delay Hand Cream*


Hi lovelies,

Today’s hand cream choice is Alpha H Age Delay Hand Cream which has been on my list for I don’t know how long, so when I got a 30ml size in my QVC Beauty Bash goody bag I was very pleased!

I am a fan of Alpha H, they are an Australian brand who specialise in exfoliation with Glycolic Acid, their hero being Liquid Gold which I use 3 nights a week. So it’s not a surprise to see Glycolic in this hand cream. It has a light lemony fresh fragrance and you don’t need to use a lot.

I am sorry to jump in with a negative point straight away, but I find I can only use this once a day or my skin at the top of my fingers literally starts to peel. This must be down to the 10% Glycolic Acid content. However, using it as a cuticle remover a few times a week is fantastic! I usually paint my nails after my afternoon nap, so I remove all polish in the morning and then pop oil and this hand cream around my cuticles. It gets rid of the dead skin and makes it so easy for me to push my cuticles back. I wash my hands a lot and find my cuticles get very dry and I find in small doses this is extremely effective. It is also quite greasy, but if you are only using it at night or with gloves like I do then it’s ok.

I don’t have pigmentation on my hands so this isn’t a concern for me, I have read a lot of reviews where people find that Age Delay is really good for evening out skin tone on the backs of hands. Alpha H say this is a manicure in a tube and I think as an intensive cuticle treatment it is brilliant. It’s the best cream I have tried for cuticle removal and will use this from now on for that purpose meaning a standard 100ml tube will last a very long time. A duo is available from for £25.00.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

*I received this sample in my QVCUK Beauty Bash Goody bag


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