Leighton Denny Precision Brush and Corrector


Hi beauties,

Leighton Denny Precision Brush and Corrector is a manicure staple for me, I don’t start a manicure without it. As the name suggests it’s a problem solver that helps correct any mistakes you may make whilst painting and it is so easy to use.

In a pack you get an 12ml bottle of corrector solution and a dinky brush, so whether you flood your cuticles or get polish on your sidewalls this is the product to use. It’s a genius product and the result you get with this is so much more accurate than those corrector pens you can buy from other brands.


Here the edge around my cuticle is very untidy


Dip the brush in the solution and remove any of the mistakes you have made, make sure you wipe the brush clean on a tissue before going back into the solution.


And afterwards you have a nice clean edge! It looks far more professional, I often get compliments on my nails and this is my secret to make them look as good as I can.

Precision Brush and Corrector is not only good for mistakes but brilliant for doing French Manicures, Half Moon Manicures, Negative Space Manicures and Nail art it is versatile as you can be so particular in the look you are creating.

It also lasts a long time, I’ve never noticed exactly how long it takes me to get through a bottle but it’s months. You also get a new brush with each new bottle of solution you buy as over time the brush does shed. This is common with any brush you are using with correcting fluids so it isn’t just this formula. I tend to paint my nails about 3 times a week so I do use it often, I do not find any detriment to my nails so effective but gentle.

Leighton Denny Precision Brush and Corrector is available from http://www.leightondennyexpertnails.com and is £11.00.

Till next time,

Lucy xx


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