Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum


Another post that has been long in the making! This is a serum I’ve used consistently for the last 6 months which as a beauty lover and always keen to try new things is rare.

I had heard of it before and after trying so many serums to try and correct the dark spots I have on my skin that didn’t work I thought I would give Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Radiance Serum a try. Vinoperfect is extremely lightweight, it feels like nothing on your skin so I was a bit sceptical. However, this means that it does sink into lower levels of your skin making a brilliant difference.

Having oily skin means I do get the occasional breakout and I do get spots that are lumps under my skin that just don’t go so I have scars from those. I find this serum gets rid of those discolourations on my skin and really does brighten my complexion. You have to be committed to using it day and night as it will not get rid of those problems overnight and although it hasn’t totally got rid of the brown patches it has certainly lightened them.

Another important thing when using this serum is SPF. The serum works so much better when using SPF religiously, I haven’t recently and I have noticed that the marks have become a little more pronounced. It’s a very light texture so do be sure to not to use too much, it is more a fluid so a couple of drops is all you need. During the day I don’t need an extra serum for moisturisation although you can layer easily, so I just pop my SPF over the top of this and I am done for the day. At night I do layer with an oil, I apply it first and there is no annoying roll off.

This serum is a pleasure to use, light non greasy with a fresh fragrance that dissipates quickly and sinks in very well. It doesn’t leave any residue or feel sticky, if it does then you have used far too much.  It works so well for me that I will always have some in my beauty back up drawer, luckily I was given a sample from the Beauty Bash so I have extra waiting for me!

An excellent serum that is really worth using, it is available from at £45.00 for 30ml.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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