SBC Arnica & Black Pepper Warming Lotion*


Hi beauties,

As you all probably know by now I am a huge SBC fan, I’ve blogged about various products in the range and many are staples I cannot do without. I had first tried Arnica and Black Pepper Warming Body Cream at the QVC Beauty Bash when the lovely Adele O’Donoghue applied some to my back after I had forgotten my Lidocaine painkilling patches. I was impressed then and SBC kindly sent me a bottle to try at home.

Camphor and Menthol is one of my SBC must haves to help with my chronic pain, but Arnica and Black Pepper is something else! It is a fabulous product reminiscent of Deep Heat with a much better fragrance. As it is from SBC it is more of a natural product, Arnica has been renowned for centuries it an anti inflammatory properties and for general aches and pains. Wintergreen is used for pain relief in sports injuries, Black Pepper Seed Oil is stimulating and increased circulation. I find excellent alleviation both from the joint pain in my spine and also the aches I get in my neck and shoulders. As I have the pain constantly my muscles are very tense and after applying this I get significant relief.

This product is extremely potent and warming due to the spicy ingredients so you do have to be careful when using it. You will notice redness and flushing of the skin after applying, don’t apply it to broken skin, to your face or intimate areas and always wash your hands after use. Only a thin layer is to be applied to localised areas, this is a targeted treatment and not to be used as a general body lotion. If you have hypersensitivity then this product unfortunately isn’t for you.

I find that it takes about 5 minutes or so to feel the effect and then when it kicks in it is deliciously warming! I also find it lasts for a good while too, so it helps me especially at night when I am so tired and need rest. I apply it and it helps me get comfortable enough to get to sleep. If I wake up and need more I pop some more on and go back to bed. Arnica and Black Pepper is a definite hero for me now, used alongside Camphor and Menthol (although not at the same time!!) and my medication it really does help me. SBC have another winner on their hands with this product, please can I have one in a bigger size??

Arnica and Black Pepper Warming Cream is available from for the great introductory price of at £14.96 for 100ml.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

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7 thoughts on “SBC Arnica & Black Pepper Warming Lotion*”

  1. This sounds wonderful! I’ve always just used deep heat/freeze and pain relief gels. Or giving up and taking painkillers and hot water bottles. This seems like a better alternative!

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