Anubis Effectivity Caviar & Pearl Peeling Mask


Hi beauties,

I’ve got a mask today, the Anubis Caviar and Pearl Peeling Mask. Anubis is a new brand to me, it’s Spanish and is over 30 years old. It is in Spas and Salons and they have an extensive range of skincare products.

I do love an exfoliating mask, I use one every couple of weeks and always use a hydrating one afterwards. This is possibly the weirdest mask I have ever tried!! The results are good with my skin feeling very smooth after use, but it is literally silver! I looked like the Tin Man whilst I was wearing it, it looks really odd.

If you can get over looking strange, it is a nice mask to use. It tingles very slightly, that’s the AHA’s getting to work I personally like that because I know it’s actually doing something! My skin was smooth but it did leave my skin red, you could see exactly where I had applied it so I wouldn’t recommend this one for those who are sensitive. The redness did go after about 10 minutes, but I was a bit surprised at that effect. This is the first exfoliating mask I’ve used that has left my skin red. Saying that, it didn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable afterwards. I did my normal regime afterwards that contains an oil and moisturiser so my skin has a decent level of protection.

I have another mask from Anubis that I will be reviewing and this range intrigues me. I definitely want to try some more products from the brand, I think there will be some more interesting things to find!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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