SBC Arnica Shower Cream


Hi lovelies,

I have another SBC product today, the Arnica Shower Creme. I am a huge fan of SBC, their products are so easy to use and more importantly they work.

I received the shower creme as part of a collection and I hadn’t tried it before. Collagen shower creme is a staple in my routine, it is so beautiful to use. What first struck me about this is the gorgeous scent. It is one of the fragrance family I love which are the spicy woody scents. Arnica is a herbal extract that has been used for thousands of years for aching and tired muscles. The benefit of this one is it can be used in the shower and bath.

The texture is beautifully thick, luxurious and moisturising. I suffer with eczema and I find this doesn’t strip my skin. When I’m in the shower and my hair conditioner is on, I use it to do a bit of massage too when I can. You don’t need to use a lot and it being in a pump action bottle is very handy. It is so pleasurable to use, rich and sumptuous. As with all SBC shower cremes they are treatments as well as shower/bathing products and I have been using this pretty much every day since I received it. I didn’t think I anything would knock my beloved Collagen off the top spot but this is definitely a contender!

SBC Arnica Shower creme is available from and is Β£17.50 for 500ml.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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