The Lilibeth of New York Brow Shaper


Hi beauties,

I thought I would let you know of one of my favourite beauty tools: Lilibeth of New York Brow Shaper.

I have been shaping my own eyebrows for a long time, but I was looking for something new as tweezing hurts and makes me sneeze (don’t laugh!!) so when I saw a nifty tool called the Brow Shaper on QVCUK I tapped the app and bought a set. It looks like a little razor and it can be sharp so you do have to use this VERY lightly, saying that once you get the hang of it, it is an invaluable little thing.

The Brow Shaper is very good at getting rid of the dreaded mono-brow and shaping your eyebrows neatly. I also use it for getting rid of hair from my top lip (no one said this post would be glamorous!!) and for getting rid of the extremely fine peach fuzz at the side of my cheeks. It doesn’t hurt and it is extremely effective. My other half also uses it for his neck line when he cuts his hair and also any straggly hairs after a shave so it is very versatile. You get two in a pack and each one lasts around 3 months, so much cheaper than going to the salon for a wax and you can use it easily at home.

It also folds very neatly so you can keep it with you in a makeup bag or handbag so if you do notice you need to remove some hair you can do it quickly and easily. Such a nifty little tool I wouldn’t be without. You can get The Brow Shaper from and are £11.50 for the pair.

Till next time,


Lucy xxx



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