Pixi Glow Tonic

Hi lovelies,

I know I am late to the party with this review, but I wanted to give my opinion on Pixi Glow Tonic. Glow Tonic is an exfoliating/acid toner which is easy to slot into your routine for gentle every day exfoliation.

I had first heard of acid toning by the legendary Caroline Hirons who doesn’t advocate the use of gritty mechanical scrubs, instead using acids to gently exfoliate your skin. Go to Caroline’s website which has fantastic information on acid toning. Previously I had been using a budget option of Clearasil Superfruit pads which are soaked in salicylic acid to sweep away dead skin cells and make your skin smooth. Caroline is a big fan of Pixi Glow Tonic and has even been on QVC demonstrating the product, so when my pads ran out I thought I would give it a try.

Glow Tonic contains glycolic acid in an aloe and Witch Hazel base making it a hydrating exfoliating formula that doesn’t strip your skin. It also contains Ginseng, Horse Chestnut and glycerin so I didn’t experience any tingling, however I am used to glycolic having used Alpha H Liquid Gold (Click here to read review) before.

I have to say that although it left my skin feeling smooth and clear, I do feel Pixi Glow Tonic is a bit overrated. I don’t feel that it did anything more than my Clearasil pads and for speed I do prefer having the pads pre soaked. I felt I had to use a lot of the product to get a decent amount onto a cotton pad to wipe over my skin.  I also didn’t like the smell of it and that is a big thing for me, I find that if a product smells good I am more likely to enjoy using it and therefore repurchase. Unfortunately it just isn’t a scent that I could get used to so I wouldn’t get this again. I know I am in a complete minority when there are hundreds of rave reviews, but it is only my personal taste. There are quite a few other products from Pixi that I want to try so I will be trying out the brand again.

QVCUK.com has a great deal on two 250ml bottles for £30.00.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx




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  1. I have never heard of this brand. But your description did remind me of the Curé gel that I purchased in Japan. Also a gentle exfoliating gel that I am quite happy with. I purchased it at around 20E, and I found it online at around 30 E – for a bottle of 250ml

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