Manicure of the Day 16/12/15


Hello lovelies,

I am continuing with polishes from the OPI Starlight Collection for this manicure with No More Mr Night Sky and Give Me Space. No More Mr Night Sky is a gorgeous silver charcoal shimmer which looks beautiful under light, more so than you can see in this photo. Give Me Space is the stunning blue which has a rainbow shimmer.

I think the Starlight Collection from OPI is my favourite from them for a long time, the range of colour is great and the intensity of the shimmer is really beautiful. They are strongly pigmented but unlike glitters are easy to remove. The polishes last a good 4 days on me, I am not that careful with my nails, when I wash up or clean I don’t wear gloves. The shine you get without top coat could fool you into thinking that you could get away without one, which to be honest you probably could, but longevity is better when you do use it.

The brush is fabulous, I always find OPI easy to paint with and these two colours were good for clean up thankfully. I am quite slow when I paint my nails (I have the time!!) but also I want to keep clean up to a minimum so I try and be as precise as I can.

I will be wearing this combination again I am sure in some form, this collection has not been a disappointment.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx



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