F.O.Y Fountain of Youth Skincare*


Hi beauties,

I was very kindly sent this lovely set of products from Lady CPR on behalf of Fountain of Youth for me to review.

Fountain of Youth skincare was originally developed to provide post operative treatments for patients undergoing surgery and non invasive procedures. The formulations were developed to allow patients to prolong their results of their treatments at home. The range now contains 8 salon skincare products created by professionals and tested by dermatologists.

The kit contained:
1. 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water
2. Revitalising Eye Contour Gel
3. Moisturising Day Cream
4. Rejuvenating Night Cream

I first started with the Micellar Water, which I have to say is stunning. It removes makeup and grime so easily without your skin feeling dry. It has the most beautiful scent of rose and the ease of use that cleansing waters give are brilliant. This left my skin feeling lovely and soft.

My favourite product in the range is the Revitalising Eye Contour Gel, in my opinion it is as good as my beloved Gatineau Melatogenine Eye Concentrate. I don’t have puffiness so I can’t comment on that, but the way it hydrates my eyes and the lines I have is unbelievable. The result lasts all day, this product is a definite keeper, in fact I have kept on using it after the testing period as I love it that much. It’s also a huge 30ml size of which you need a tiny amount. Just amazing!

The Day and Night creams are lovely moisturisers, they are for normal to dry skin so a wee bit rich for me. Having said that, they are really nice textures more of a medium weight moisturiser. The fragrance of both is beautifully fresh making these I think totally unisex. My favourite of the two was the night formula (I don’t mind if I’m shiny at night) as I found the day a bit shiny for makeup.

I’m really impressed with this range, the eye gel is knockout in particular. I think they are hard working products and I did love the packaging too. I know I shouldn’t be impressed with packaging but they are functional and look smart on my bedside table. Do check out this range, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

*PR Sample


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20 thoughts on “F.O.Y Fountain of Youth Skincare*”

  1. This is a really nice brand. I was sent the day and night creams and the eye serum (which I loved) and the cellulite gel which I didn’t get on with (it made my skin feel hot and itchy!) The Micellar Water sounds nice too. x

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    1. To be honest Kara, I would say patch test like anything and if you are sensitive to mineral oil then don’t use the moisturiser. Liz Earle is very good for sensitive skin so you could research that. I hope that helps xx


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