SBC TSV 6 Piece Body Comforting Collection 22/12/15


Hello lovelies,

Just before Christmas saw another fantastic Today’s Special Value from SBC The 6 Piece Body Comforting Collection. I am a huge fan of SBC as their products really do work and I was very pleased to see 3 of my favourites in this set.

Camphor & Menthol Gel is one of my essential products, I have written about this before (click here to read) it is fantastic to use when my pain levels are so uncomfortable, it really helps to take the edge off the worst. I feel it supports me alongside my medication, heat pad and my painkilling patches to help me cope. I know that sounds dramatic, but when you have chronic pain and have a bad flare up anything that helps you grab it with both hands! It is especially useful at night, it being a gel texture it is easy to rub in for fast relief. I am very glad to have a super sized 500ml in my collection.

Propolis Gel is another gem, both the gel and the shower gel are brilliant for my dry skin. Heat and the patches do dry my skin and I get patches of eczema and I cannot bear thick body butters. It helps soothe my skin, moisturises and protects as it has natural anti bacterial properties. Click here to read my original review. In this kit, it came in a massive 500ml size.

The Arnica Bath and Shower Creme is new to me, I’ve been testing it out and will be doing a separate review for it. It smells divine, woody and spicy and so comforting at this time of year. Another 500ml size that will last and last!

The Intensive Arnica Gel I’ve tried before years ago and I didn’t feel it was so effective for me, unfortunately that hasn’t changed, however I did use it when I was having a relatively good day this time around and it gave me a gentle warm feeling. It’s more of a balm texture so much thicker than SBC traditional gels. It is very moisturising so my skin did feel great after using! As my pain is joint related rather than muscular, I have a feeling it would probably suit that type of pain more effectively.

Propolis Shower Gel is also great! I’ve used it as a shampoo for my itchy scalp and the shine you get on your hair really surprised me. Another practical product that really works, if you have problem skin, give this a try.

Echinacea Bath Soak is new to me and I will be doing a separate review for this too, it has a gorgeous fresh clearing smell and a soak with this is fab.

This collection is amazing, great sizes, the smallest size is 250ml which is the bath soak, shower gel and intensive arnica and the very best thing is auto delivery! I went for this option so every 90 days for 5 drops this kit will be replenished. The price was bonkers at £32.96.

I am so glad I got this collection, it will be a gift that will keep on giving over 2016!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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