Kiko Moonlight Oil Serum


Hello beauties,

I have had my eye on Kiko Moonlight Oil Serum for quite a while now, so just after Christmas the Other Half and I went to Oxford to see what Kiko had in their fabulous sale.

I was really pleased to see this at 50% off, but considering the original price was £18.90 for a 30ml bottle I would’ve paid the full price for it as it is a little cracker!

It is an extremely light weight oil that sinks in to your skin very easily, it is not greasy and a little drop goes a long way so you don’t need a lot. It is Camelina Sativa and Jojoba seed oil based with a warm fragrance to it which I really like. I have been using it whenever I feel I need some more moisture and protection for my skin, I’ve used it day and night. My skin feels beautiful after applying, so soft and smooth it is one of the nicest oils I’ve used and I have trialled a lot. I feel it is very well suited to my oily skin, you get hydration but no heavy or greasy feeling. It would be good for people who don’t like oily textures and that need an extra boost in their regime. It would make a great starter oil/serum too for anyone that hasn’t used one before too.

A note about the packaging, it is really clever! It is a twist bottle with a pipette, as you twist the top pops up so you can then load in the oil into the dropper. I wouldn’t be worried taking this travelling as I don’t think there would be a problem with leaking. There is also a little window down the side of the bottle so you can see how much is left. That’s a little nifty touch I like!

The only bad thing about this product is the fact it’s a limited edition!! Such a shame as I’m very impressed with this absolute gem, I shall be getting a couple of other bottles as back up. A fabulous oil at an unbelievable price, it is available from Kiko stores and at £9.40. Run and get one quickly!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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