AEOS Organic Skincare*

imageHello beauties,

I was very kindly sent some gorgeous products by Lady CPR on behalf of AEOS Skincare for me to try and I have been testing them out over the last few weeks.

AEOS is Active Energised Organic Skincare which is owned by Aura Soma Ltd. AEOS have a biodynamic organic farm in Lincolnshire and many of the crops farmed here are used in the skincare range, particularly Spelt which has excellent antioxdiant, moisturising and regenerative properties. They also use essential oils and flower waters rather than harsh chemicals.

I was sent a lovely pack of products, and some I am still using even after testing them as they are beautiful to use. Cleansing Oil De Maq is a gorgeous oil cleanser which removes make up and SPF a treat. I use this mainly in the evening as I prefer the Dew Facial Wash (not pictured) in the morning. The fragrance is beautiful, you can tell it is has genuine essential oils in, there is no synthetic scents in the range at all which for me is what makes it a beautiful range to use. I actually used it on dry skin and then removed with a warm muslin cloth.

Next in the routine above I used the Gentle Exfoliant, I will be honest here and say I don’t usually use physical exfoliator as I have broken capillaries next to my nose. However after trying this on my hand I didn’t worry using about it, it really is gentle! Very tiny particles in a lotion texture, I didn’t rub or scrub and my skin felt so smooth after use.

The Energising Conditioner was one product that confused me a wee bit, I didn’t really get what it was for. It is a very liquid product that sinks in very quickly, presumably to add more moisture.

The Refreshing Hydrating Mist is another product I am still using, it is so lovely. A gorgeous spray after cleansing made me skin feel beautiful and ready for the Realive Serum. Another stunning smelling product and the texture is thin making it sink in very easily. I finished off the regime with the Enriching Moisturiser. Perfect for my skin type, which is oily I am not sure it would be enough for more drier skin types. I used such a small amount and I found that it was also good to use over my SPF as well as alone. My skin felt soft but not overloaded.

The result from using all these products? Super soft skin like I haven’t felt for a long time. In fact the first morning I couldn’t stop touching my skin it felt so amazing! The products may look small but you need the tiniest amount as everything goes such a long way. I find that the more the natural the product, the less you really need. I got a bit trigger happy with the mist so that’s the one that will run out first for me.

AEOS Skincare has been a joy to try and if you are looking for an organic range I would definitely say have a look, I have had no irritation or nasty side effects from using the products at all. Price wise they are more towards high end, for example the cleansing oil is £39.99 for 75ml and the Hydrating Mist is £58.99 but to be honest I think they are beautiful products so if it is within your budget I would say try the brand.  All products are available from

*PR Sample

Till next time,

Lucy xxx



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