Acuregen Lavender Body Oil*


Hello lovely people,

As regular readers know I LOVE oils! Facial or body oils it doesn’t matter I am not fussy, so if you want to get me a gift you can’t go wrong with an oil.

Acuregen is a company set up by Amanda Shayle, who is an acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Amanda and her colleagues train acupuncturists in the practice of cosmetic acupunture and there is also a skincare line.

Acuregen Lavender Body Oil is a stunning oil, I adore lavender so I was so excited when I received this as I knew I would love it. The oil is a beautiful, light and silky oil which sinks in to your skin so easily. I use it on damp skin so it goes a bit further and makes it go in very quickly. It is a grapeseed oil base and  it moisturises deeply into my skin, perfect for me as I have eczema and I don’t like to use steroid creams or petrolatum based products. You only need a couple of pumps at the most as with natural oil based a little goes a long way.

The scent is really beautiful, as I’ve said before I love lavender so I fell in love with this very quickly! It makes my skin feel amazing and the smell helps me to relax, something that I find very hard to do.

There are two sizes you can choose from, 15ml is £16.99 and 100ml is £32.99 as well as two other fragrances, Rose and Jasmine. All oils are available from

*PR Sample

Till next time,

Lucy xxx



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