Alpha H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask

  Hi lovelies,

This mask is gorgeous, I’ve always been a fan of masks as I think they are really effective treatments and also a little bit of pamper time and who doesn’t love that?

Alpha H is a great brand, experts in exfoliation and the Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask is an excellent salon treatment for dry, dull, dehydrated skin and it only takes 10 minutes.

The Liquid Gold mask contains 15% glycolic acid which is able to get rid of all the dead skin and hydrating ingredients such as macadamia nut oil, rose and lavender oils to help balance and soothe your skin, manuka honey and Vitamin E to help plump and firm your skin leaving it feeling soft and supple.

It isn’t a mask that will set, it is a cream texture so you need to apply a thin layer and leave for the 10 minutes in order for it to work. I use this after cleansing and I often put Liquid Gold underneath to supercharge the results, I love how my skin is left feeling. You may feel the mask tingling, but that is normal due to the glycolic content, it’s nothing to worry about.

I try to use this at least once a week, I would use it more but then it would be too much for my skin unfortunately! My complexion always looks clearer and brighter after use and feels so smooth. This is well worth checking out, it is available from Cult Beauty at £48.00.


Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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