Xenca Perfection Blush in Rose

 Hello beauties,

This gorgeous blush from Xenca Organic Makeup I received in my October Blogger Beauty Box (click here to read) and I was so pleased it was blush as I am not a big wearer of eye makeup. I had not heard of the brand before but I am very interested in organic skincare and makeup. This is Xenca Perfection Blush in Rose which is perfect for my skin tone.

As you can see it is a true traditional rose colour, it looks matte, but there is a very subtle shimmer that runs through the blush which you see more on the skin than you can in the pan.


If I had been able to pick the makeup item, this blush is definitely what I would choose. It lifts my pale skin and makes me look alive, I’ve worn it pretty much every day since I received it. I adore it! It’s the perfect colour and it really does last on my skin. You can just see the golden shimmer that runs through the blush, it warms me up without my skin looking muddy which why I can’t use bronzer. It’s also a huge 9.5g size that will last for ever!

Xenca do a range of supplements as well as their skincare and makeup offering, I am looking into trying their foundation as I prefer a pressed powder formula for more coverage.

I’m really impressed with this blush and can’t wait to try more from the range. Xenca Perfection Blush in Rose is £17.95 and available from https://www.xenca.com/

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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