Argan + Synergy Precious Oil Elixir

 Hello beauty lovers,

I have written a post on  Argan + Synergy before about their gorgeous body butter (click here to read) and I picked up another bottle of the Argan + Synergy Argan Oil Precious Oil Elixir again recently as it is a brilliant multi use product.

The oil is 100% natural oil blend of Argan, Baobab, Kukui, Moringa and Sacha Inci oils with the gorgeous essential oils of ginger, black pepper, lavender, thyme, vetiver and bitter orange. It smells heavenly! It is more of a spicy scent, it makes a change to have a more woody, spicy fragrance instead of the usual florals.

I use this in a multitude of ways, as a facial oil I tip up the bottle 3 times on my first three fingers and then smooth the oil between my hands and press onto my skin. I do the same to use as a body oil after I have had a shower, I leave my skin damp so it spreads a little further. I use this in my hair, one drop before blow-drying, I use a few more as a treatment and sleep in it shampooing out in the morning. The oil is fabulous on cuticles and hands too as a treatment in the evening before bed.

This oil is a fine texture that sinks in very easily with no greasy after feel. I am well used to using oils but I don’t like to necessarily feel them on my skin and do hate anything greasy. I find it very pleasurable to use and you really don’t need to use a lot so a 50ml bottle will last a good while. The value I think is brilliant for such a beautiful blend, Argan + Synergy Precious Oil Elixir is available at Waitrose at £12.99.

Till next time,


Lucy xxx


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