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Hello beauties,

I have got a remarkable product to talk about today, Hand Chemistry Retin-Oil. Hand Chemistry is one of Deciem’s brands and if you haven’t heard of them you are in for a treat. Deciem have many brands with problem solving products at crazy affordable prices. I reviewed their Hylamide Hyaluronic Acid booster serum (click here to read) which blew me away. So when I discovered Retin-Oil I wanted to try it immediately!

Retin-Oil is a retinol based body oil to treat strechmarks, scars, irregular skin texture, ageing dehydrated skin and discolouration. It is a multi-vitamin dry oil with high levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, the most effective retinoid compound wihtout the need for a prescription. The formula also includes Vitamin C to target collagen production, Deep Sea Algae targets stretchmarks and the Amazonian oils leave a protective barrier to the skin.

Deciem had tweeted that this could be used on your face as well so I put in an order with my local Boots store and got it delivered. I tested this both on my face and body as I have an old surgery scar on my thigh where I have had nerve decompression surgery. I had not used anything on the scar while it was healing and I had forgotten about it but I thought this would be a great area to test the product. I have used retinol before but not liked it, it had made my skin very flaky and red so I gave up. I know that dermatologists and skin experts say that retinol is an extremely effective ingredient against ageing skin.

The results have been fantastic, my scar is much improved, the redness has gone and it is much less noticeable. My other half was very impressed when I had showed him the difference after using Retin-oil for 3 weeks. The texture of the skin on my face I felt a difference in days! It was much smoother and less bumpy and felt well hydrated and plumped. It also looks brighter and skintone more even. I am hoping it will help get rid of the stubborn pigmentation that I have.

This is a before picture I took on the day I started treatment:image

As you can see the scar is red and the skin is very dry. The oil hydrated my skin making it so much more comfortable and has evened out the colour of my skin. I honestly think with regular continued use the scar will diminish.


I can safely say that this product will be a staple in my regime from now on. It comes in an 100ml bottle and after using it on my face and scar after 4 weeks there is only about an inch missing from the top, making this amazing value.

My only criticism is the smell, it is very fruity and tropical which are not my favourite scents but saying that I have got used to it and when layered with other products does not linger. The results I have found have been so good it is well worth carrying on with.

Deciem Hand Chemistry Retin-Oil is available from Boots at £20.00.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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    1. It’s really excellent I’m using it on some recent surgery scars and they are doing very well. I’ve got the Extreme Hydration Concentrate, that’s quite a fresh smelling one and it’s an excellent gel type hand treatment xx

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