Liz Earle Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash

 Hello beauties,

In today’s post I wanted to review another favourite of mine from Liz Earle Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash. I discovered this product in last year’s Christmas TSV from QVC and as it is a Liz Earle product is much kinder for dry sensitive skin.

Orange Flower doesn’t contain any sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate, ingredients that irritate my skin and also making it suitable for use on children. The scent is a beautiful uplifting orange citrus which makes a change from the usual lemon/lime scents I have used in the past. It is floral but delicate so not overpowering, although I am not sure if men would particularly like this one.

The ingredients list is impressive, the foaming agents are natural derived from soap bark, corn and coconut. Other soothing agents include oats, glycerin, orange flower water and Vitamin E. There are also essential oils of patchouli, lavender, lavandin, sweet orange, geranium, palamrosa, tonka bean, may chang and rosemary. It may sound heavy and cloying due to the tonka bean and patchouli but this is a very rounded citrus fragrance and not really spicy at all.

What I did find when I first used it is that it was a little thick and gummy, I had simply used too much. You also need to add a lot of water to get a lather not more product, very much like the Botanical Shine Shampoo. I haven’t got a shower puff at the moment so am using a five pence piece amount and I make sure I use a lot of water to get the lather making this body wash very economical. I get no irritation or tightness from this product, my skin is left soft and smooth, in fact this morning I didn’t even use a body cream so if you are in a rush in the morning this could save you a bit of time.

Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash is available from, 200ml is £13.00. There is also a 500ml version for £24.00. It is obviously more expensive than your bog standard body wash that you can pick up in the supermarket, but I truly think is worth it. A little goes a very long way and is suitable for daily use for all the family.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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