Leighton Denny Inspired By Nature Autumn Collection

Hello lovelies,

I was so pleased when I saw this kit was available on QVC on its own. It was part of an auto delivery programme but this was the only drop I was interested in.

It being Leighton Denny, it’s fantastic quality at an amazing price, beautiful colours and my favourite treatment product this kit was too good to miss.

I’ll start with the colours, which are stunning, and gorgeous for this time of year. 

Moonlight Sparkle is this lovely multi dimensional light purple polish. The way it shines in the sunshine is truly stunning. Perfect for those sunny days, but such a mood lifter on a grey miserable days too when you just need something to cheer you up.

Sink Into Mink is another fantastic light grey/taupe shade. A perfect neutral you can wear at any time of the year and for any occasion. Really elegant and timeless.

The runaway favourite in this kit for me, is this one Chestnut Charm. This burnished bronze/copper is so much more beautiful in real life, the shine and shimmer you get is glorious. This photo does not do it justice at all, this colour has got me back into metallic finishes which I had pushed to one side in favour in creme polishes.

So, those are the colours, there are also treatment products too. Best Defence Hand Cream has been revamped for this season with a beautiful woody/spicy scent that goes so well with my fragrance. I have asked if this formula can remain in the line because it is stunning.

Next up is Slick Tips Cuticle Oil, another fabulous product. Lightweight and easy to absorb and very nourishing it is too. The scent is fresh lemongrass, not overpowering just a clean refreshing.

One of my favourite treatments is Renovate which is nothing short of genius for my nails. It makes a remarkable improvement on my nails, gets rid of dehydration and moisturises and I always feel it makes my nail plate stronger and healthier. I reviewed it previously here.

Marvelbalm is a new product to Leighton’s line and is going to replace his CutiLips lip and cuticle balm. To be honest I didn’t like this product, it’s mineral oil based which I am not a fan of. It is runny and greasy and I don’t feel it is actually that moisturising. I gave it a try but it is definitely not for me.

There is also a Remove & Go pot which is the easiest way to remove polish, it’s fantastic. Just dip your finger into the pot, a quick swirl and polish be gone!

The last product is a buffer which I always find useful. I know buffing can be a bit of a controversial technique but I find it works for me and overhauls my nails when they are dry and dehydrated.

I have really enjoyed looking at and playing with all of these lovely bits in this set, excellent value and gorgeous colours. Leighton Denny Inspired By Nature Autumn collection available at QVCUK.com for £32.88.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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