John Gosnell’s The Original Vitamin E Cream

Hello beauties,

I can’t remember where I first saw this but I do remember thinking I have to try that! So I was very chuffed to see it in my October Blogger Beauty Box.

John Gosnell’s The Original Vitamin E cream is beautiful, it is a gorgeous light textured cream however it packs an excellent hydration punch.  It is supposed to be used as a day cream but I have been using it at night as well. I have been waking up with comfortable, hydrated skin and you only need a tiny amount. It contains Wheatgerm oil, Shea butter and Olive oil known for their high Vitamin E content.

The smell is really beautiful, if you have tried The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range (from memory) it smells like that. I really like the traditional packaging too, it is smart and functional and looks great on your dressing table. What is also great about this product is the price, it is £10.00 for a 50ml pot which is so affordable.

I was so impressed with this cream, it is a good basic moisturiser (I don’t mean that in unflattering way!) that really does do what it says on the packaging. I don’t have the hugest of beauty budgets so I do love coming across great afforable products. Yes there are £50 moisturisers that I love, but it’s rare occasions that I can get them. It doesn’t make any wacky unbelievable claims, it says it hydrates and nourishes without being greasy and that is certainly very true.

John Gosnell’s The Original Vitamin E Cream is available from and is £10.00.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

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