Gatineau Age Benefit Night Elixir

 Hello lovely people,

I’ve got a really interesting product for you today from a fabulous salon brand, Gatineau. It may not be a brand you have heard of before, they have been available on QVC for many years now and are famous for a rather amazing mask (Click here to read) that I reviewed in a previous post.

This however, is a serum and the Rolls Royce of their serums from all the sub ranges within Gatineau. Age Benefit is the range that deals with all aspects of ageing: dehydration, lines, wrinkles, slackened skin, lack of radiance and hyperpigmentation. I am a huge fan of serums, I think after cleansers serums/oils are my favourite skincare items and I love to experiment. I suffer with dark spots on my face which drives me mad, so this was the primary reason for trying this.

The texture is very light and silky, it sinks in so quickly into your skin. I didn’t notice anything straight away and I put my moisturiser over the top. Over a few nights I noticed that my skin felt so much more hydrated and felt a lot firmer. I don’t have many lines and wrinkles so I can’t comment on how it works in that way, but for rehydration and firming it is really good. I found I was using less moisturiser , my skin looked brighter and was plumped up. I used it nightly for 3 months as I had the 30ml super size, but unfortunately it made no difference to my pigmentation at all. As this is so expensive (it is £150 full price, but I managed to find it for £30 instead) I can’t justify repurchasing just for the rehydrating properties. There are other great serums on the market for that at a fraction of the price that do a good job so as much as I did enjoy using it (the scent is divine!) I won’t be getting this again.

However, that is not to say it is a bad serum, far from it, it just didn’t live quite live up to the hype for dark spots. As that is my main concern and the reason for me wanting to try it I was disappointed. I do really like Gatineau as a brand and will still try other products so it hasn’t put me off the brand, they do have some gorgeous things in their range. They are definitely worth checking out! Gatineau Age Benefit Night Elixir 30ml is £150.00 from

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

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4 thoughts on “Gatineau Age Benefit Night Elixir

  1. I love a good serum too but they’re so in vogue right now, nobody needs to pay £150. Great that you got such a bargain! I find that if you exfoliate well before using a serum then it makes all the difference to how well it sinks in. I also like Korean sheet masks which are soaked in serum and applied to the skin for 20 minutes, they work really well as a night time treatment.

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    1. Exactly, that’s why I couldn’t buy it again it is not worth the price for a hydrating firming serum. Gatineau are a great brand though. I’m new to sheet masks, I think they are a great option too I’ve tried a couple now and really like them. I’m also addicted to facial oils too xx


  2. This is such a great review. Sounds as if it was a good product but not fully satisfying for the cost and at that price it’s very important to know that! I love a serum too although I rarely find they give all of the results that they say they will and can be so expensive. I have heard of Gatineau though, when visiting salons, so I might check out some of their other products for future skincare reference! Thanks for sharing – Louise

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    1. Thank you Louise! It is good, but not exceptional which at that price it really needs to be in my opinion. The best Gatineau product I’ve tried is their Melatogenine mask, it’s so good at plumping out wrinkles and moisturising. The eye cream from that range is also excellent. Thank you for getting in touch xx


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