Seche Vite

Hello beauties,

This is a product that I really cannot live without, a true essential in my manicure routine. I am sure you would have heard of Seche Vite as it has quite the reputation for being the quickest and glossiest top coat.

It is a thicker top coat than I had ever used it before and to be honest, that took a bit of getting used to. However, once you know how much you need to apply it is easy to use. Seche Vite penetrates through nail lacquer right down to the base coat, drying each layer and leaves a solid coating over your nails. It is very cooling on the nail so you can feel it working, it dries solidly in just a few minutes. Make sure you have a small bead on the end of your brush and swipe it over wet nail lacquer.

(Nails Inc Alexa Edit Night Sky and Piccadilly Place)

I find that it makes my nails stronger and the gloss is fantastic!! I was gobsmacked when I first used it as it really leaves such a beautiful finish, especially on creme shades. I rarely find it peels or chips, I do always seal the tips of my nails to make the manicure more durable. I love the results so much that I wouldn’t use another top coat (and I am fickle, I like to experiment and try new things!!) so for me that is a huge compliment. Another product that I would heartily recommend. Seche Vite is £9.00 and available from

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

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7 thoughts on “Seche Vite

  1. I love blogging for this reason, you recently did your OPI wipes review (I hate those) and I dislike Seche Vite too! But it’s nice to see how different people get different results and experiences. Check TK Maxx if one is near you, I picked up a bottle from there (2 actually) for £4. I’m afraid I’m one of those people who gets shrinkage with it though, even if I wrap my tips, and once it even… just kind of crinkled up over night. Looked like I had clingfilm on my nail! Very weird. Only did it on the one nail too.

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    1. Lol it would be very boring if we were all the same!! I usually get mine from eBay or Amazon whichever is cheapest. I know a lot of people get shrinkage when they do nail art so have gone to Glisten & Glow HK Girl, I’ve not tried that as its quite expensive xx


      1. Yes it does seem hit and miss, the first time I used Seche Vite it was fine. I’ve now gone on to Glossy Glam by Rica, looks every bit as good, dries just as fast and is super cheap in comparison (plus I’m always happy to support an indie). I haven’t tried Glisten and Glow either, as you say it’s expensive and I’d rather spend my money on the actual colours, not the top/base coats for a manicure x

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