Argan + Synergy Body Butter

Hi beauties,

I am a big fan of Argan oil and have tried this brand Argan + Synergy before and was really impressed. I don’t often use body butters even though I have dry skin, as I can find them too heavy and sticky. This one Argan + Synergy Ultra Rich Body Butter, is beautiful! It is not a thick body butter, it is a light texture that is really easy to rub into your skin. The main ingredients are Coconut oil, Morrocan Argan oil, Baobab oil, Sacha Inci oil, Kukui oil and Moringa oil all known to be full of omega oils and antioxidants to hydrate and nourish your skin.

The body butter is so moisturising and hydrating, the smell is beautiful with essential oils of lavender, black pepper, ginger, vetiver, bitter orange and thyme. For me it is more of a woody fragrance which I like to use in Autumn/Winter, it goes perfectly with my favourite Liz Earle No15 scent. I have also been using it as a hand cream as the texture is smooth and non greasy. The fragrance does last a long time on the skin and you are left with your skin feeling so soft. This is more of a whipped cream consistency which I think makes it so easy to use. A lot of body butters I have tried before are usually firmer textures that take a lot of rubbing in, they feel suffocating on my skin and to be honest, I haven’t got the patience to stand around for 10 minutes getting cold while trying to rub what feels like lard onto my body! This is why I was so impressed with Argan + Synergy as it is the complete opposite of all of those I dislike.

This is an excellent product for the price which is £8.99 for 300ml. It is available at Waitrose and

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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