SBC Collagen QVC TSV

 Hello beauties,

This set was a Today’s Special Value on the 8th of September 2015, being a huge fan of the brand SBC it was a collection I had to get.

Starting with the Collagen 3in1 cleanser (250ml full size) which I have already mentioned (click here to read) is a gorgeous lotion textured cleanser. It is fantastic at taking off makeup and daily grime, it is light but creamy and the fragrance is a gorgeous grapefruit scent. It’s a brilliant cleanser you can slot into any regime.

The Collagen Shower Creme (500ml salon size) is also a lovely rich texture and so hydrating. I use this as a shower gel and hand wash, the fragrance is the same as the facial cleanser, in fact all the products have the fresh grapefruit smell. I have really dry skin on my body and it doesn’t irritate me at all, lovely to use in the bath as well.

The Hydra Gel Serum (30ml full size)  is another great product, moisturising and hydrating. It is a light cream gel texture so it sinks into your skin helping with those fine lines and wrinkles. It gives a more intensive result than the day and night cream, a fabulous affordable serum you can use with any moisturiser you like.

I have used the Collagen gel (1Litre) for many years now, I like light gel textures and I find this sinks in so easily not leaving a greasy or sticky residue. I use it face and body, I use it over oils as a mask and as a body lotion, I hate body lotions that are heavy as they tend to leave my skin feeling suffocated.

The Collagen Day & Night Cream (250ml Super Size) I have mentioned before (click here to read) and I truly love it. Famous for the lightness of their products this moisturiser doesn’t disappoint. It is light enough to add excellent moisturisation but does not feel heavy on you skin. Like all of SBC’s products a little goes a long way. This is a super size made especially for QVC, I suspect this will last me at least a year if not longer with day and night use. It has a lovely firming effect too, that makes your skin look smoother and tighter but not in an uncomfortable way. I am always so pleased with how my skin looks after I have used it.

This set was at the bonkers price of £39.98 and sizes of products superb. They will last me many months and provide great results, so if you haven’t tried SBC before, I would say give them a go. Don’t let the pricing put you off, as they are products that really do work. SBC items are available from

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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