Alpha H 3 Piece QVC TSV

Hi beauties,

I got this set on the 13th August when Alpha H has their latest TSV on QVCUK. As a lover of Liquid Gold (Click here to read my review)  I had to get the set as it is something I never really want to be without. The kit also came with a brand new launch of the Absolute Eye Cream and a choice of cleanser between Triple Action Cleanser and Balancing Cleanser.

As I am more towards the oily side, I chose the Triple Action Cleanser which is gel based and as much as it does remove the light makeup I wear and SPF, I really wish I had gone for Balancing Cleanser as it is a much nicer cleanser to use. I use TA as my second step cleanser in the evening and as my cleanser in the morning to wash off in the shower.

I was excited to try the new eye cream as it has an SPF in it and a lovely peachy colour that helps with dark circles. Unfortunately I, like many of the reviewers for it on the QVCUK website did not get on well with this cream at all. It made my eyes sting so badly every time I used it and I did persist with it for quite a while until I literally couldn’t stand it any more. I should’ve kept it to send it back but I wanted to keep the Liquid Gold so the eye cream went in the bin.

Even though I adore Liquid Gold, I was so disappointed with this set which is such a shame. I haven’t noticed any difference in my skin since using the Triple Action Cleanser (it is supposed to help with excess oil) so I will use it up but I won’t be reordering this again.

Sorry Michelle and Tom, I will be cancelling my auto delivery for this kit, it is not worth it for just the Liquid Gold.

I hope the next TSV will be an improvement on this one!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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