Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat

 Hello beauty lovers,

Today I am talking about a fantastic nail strengthener which for me seriously does rival OPI Nail Envy, Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat. The gorgeous Jo from sent me a bottle of the Pink Gel and Clear Gel Coat for me to try a few weeks ago as I had asked her how it compares to Nail Envy.

I had been using CND Rescue Rxx which I hadn’t been impressed with and my nails had felt quite weak so this came through at just the right time. My initial thoughts were how clean and bright my nails looked when I had applied the product (below).
 The pinks were pinker and whites looked so much whiter than my natural nails. As I wear strong colours, my nails do get stained and it’s not a great look when you want a polish day off. I felt an instant strengthening firm but flexible feel, the gel coat levels out ridges completely so you can’t see or feel them at all. Unfortunately it did chip within 3 days so I took it off to reapply, however this was a good thing as I seriously noticed a difference in those few days. My nails were stronger but not brittle, my nail plate was smooth and did not feel dry. I reapplied the gel coat thinner and have not had it chip off since.

My nails do grow quickly but I have to take care of them, I put on a LOT of cuticle oil and hand cream every day. They are now at such a great length and I feel in such good condition that I would heartily recommend this product. I have used this under colour as a base coat too and it is a great foundation for polish, I have such ridgey nails and find sometimes you can see this, the gel coat this levels and the ridges disappear.

The above photo was taken 24/09/15 which is 3 weeks after starting to use Pink Gel Coat, you can see how much my nails have grown! I should’ve taken a pic before I put polish on but I forgot, but hopefully you can get a sense of how well it has worked. My nail plate is nice and strong, flexible and hydrated and I feel the best condition they have been in a long time.

I am so grateful to Jo for sending me this as I really have been impressed with this and I will be looking to try some of Perfect Formula colour gel coats too. I still like Nail Envy, but I do feel that the Gel coat has pipped it to the post and now is something I want to keep in my manicure essentials to carry on the great work.

Have you tried Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat? If so what do you think? It is available at in a duo for £29.00.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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