Elemis Limited Edition Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser

 Hi beauties

I first got this cleanser in last year’s Christmas QVC Today’s Special Value and it was created to celebrate Elemis 25th Anniversary. Keely Aydin who is Brand Ambassador on QVC was asked if there was one product in the range she would like to tweak, what would it be? Keeley chose Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser and added the most beautiful fragrance to it.

This cleanser is a rich cream with moringa peptide and anti oxidants to protect the skin from daily pollutants and gets rid of makeup like an absolute dream! What I love about it is, that if you add water, it gently transforms into a mousse-like texture and you can rinse it clean without needing a cloth so I do love to use it in the shower first thing in the morning. If it is an evening cleanse, I use it as my pre-cleanse to get rid of makeup and sunscreen as part of my double cleanse routine. Men can also use it to wet shave with too.

The gorgeous scent is due to the essential oils of neroli, cedarwood and bergamot. It is a warm, sensual fragrance but it is not overpowering and such a joy to use. I have a good few tubes in stock as I loved it as soon as I tried it, I hope Elemis keep it in their product line up permanently.  This version comes in a generous 200ml size and is available from QVCUK at £29.00.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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