CND Rescue Rxx

 Hello lovelies,

I have been testing this nail treatment for a few weeks and wanted to let you know how I got on with it. The product is from CND famous for their Shellac system and it is called Rescue Rxx. This is a keratin protein treatment with jojoba oil for damaged nails and CND state that with daily use splitting, peeling and white spots are dramatically improved.

You have to apply this oil like treatment to bare nails at least twice a day, you have to shake the bottle to combine the ingredients first and it smells like the famous Solar Oil but Rescue RXX is a more intensive treatment. You brush the product over your nails and rub it in like you would a regular oil. I used this for 3 weeks and to be honest I didn’t notice much difference at all, if anything my nails were very soft and bendy which is why I don’t like leaving my nails bare. My nails get very dry and dehydrated as I use polish a lot and change it frequently and I wanted to take a break from polish to do a treatment to improve the hydration levels. I didn’t notice any improvement in hydration that warrants using this as opposed to regular cuticle oil, my nails did grow but I am lucky in that they grow very quickly anyway so I can’t put this down to the product.

Perhaps my nails weren’t damaged enough to use this, I don’t use Shellac type polish or acrylic extensions possibly this could be good for you if you have had enhancements and want to go back to having natural nails. I was disappointed in this but as I said I am not totally sure it was appropriate for me. I just didn’t feel as though I received any benefit even on the basic moisturising level which is a real shame.

Have you tried any products you were disappointed with? Let me know your thoughts.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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