Decleor Neroli Aromessence and Neroli Balm

 Hello lovelies,

I have mentioned this oil before (Click here to read) however I had only tested it out once or twice when I did the previous post. I have completely fallen in love with Aromessence Neroli! I have noticed lately that my skin has been feeling a bit dehydrated (I struggle to drink the recommended amount of water a day) so I got a 5ml sample bottle which Decleor advise should last 2 months and gave this a try over the last month.

The first thing I have to say is the smell is utterly beautiful. I am a huge fan of neroli, I find it a gorgeous relaxing scent so it was extremely pleasant to apply. Fiona Brackenbury who is the International Training Director for Decleor advises that you only use 3 drops of the aromessence, so tip the bottle once on each of your first three fingers and that is enough for face and neck. If you feel oil on your skin then you have used too much.

I apply the serum when my skin is still slightly damp from my toner and it sinks in so easily, my skin is left feeling hydrated and very soft and then I apply my moisturiser over the top. I have found that in the morning my skin feels more balanced and isn’t so greasy (a result that happens every day!) and never feels tight or uncomfortable. I use it at night as I only use Ultrasun SPF in the morning so use all treatments in the evening time. It is a beautiful light oil, if I feel I need more hydration I switch to the balm.

I first tried neroli balm last year and I wasn’t that impressed but to be fair I didn’t really know what results you can get and also how you can use it. I use the size of a pea and warm it in my hands before spreading it all over my face and neck. This is a serum and a moisturiser in one so it is all you need. It’s obviously a thicker texture as it is a balm so at first I didn’t like the feeling on my skin. I found once I massaged it in a bit more I didn’t feel it as much and it was very quick and easy to use one step and just go to bed. I do prefer the oil but I certainly wouldn’t rule out using the balm a couple of nights a week for extra hydration. The scent is the same as the beautiful oil and if you are very dehydrated you can apply the oil before the balm for an intensive treat.

These two products are definite perfect partners and now I have found Decleor Neroli, I don’t think I will be able to let it go…!

What are your can’t do without night time products? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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