Ultrasun Anti Ageing Face Formulas


 Hi beauties

I wanted to talk about SPF for this post and specifically Ultrasun SPF Face formulas, which I use every day.

We all know the importance of using SPF although a lot of people only wear it in the Summer, as I have pigmentation I am very conscious of not making it worse and SPF50 was recommended to me for every day use. I like to use Ultrasun as it is a once a day product and I feel that is perfect for me when I do get out and about, so I don’t need to worry about having a repeat application product. The only time I would reapply is if I did go out sunbathing (not something I particularly like doing) or was out for a whole day and unable to take a shade break. These formula’s are specifically made for the face having anti ageing ingredients such as ectoin and also has moisturising agents.

I have tried 3 of Ultrasun’s facial formulas, SPF30, SPF50 and SPF50 Anti Pigmentation. It was the anti pigmentation one that disappointed me the most as I did not notice any difference whatsoever despite using it for a good 3 months. Perhaps I need to use it for longer but it is an extremely expensive formula to use so for me to not achieving any kind of result I can’t justify using it.

SPF50 I have been using since the Spring, I do like it, but despite all the presentations on QVC saying it dries matte and isn’t greasy, it doesn’t and it ain’t!! It is very greasy on my skin and I do struggle finding a good enough primer to use with makeup that doesn’t shine through immediately. It is quite a thick texture, so much more rich than I would choose in a night cream so for oily skin it’s not the ideal however I am sure for drier skins this would be no problem. Moisturising wise it is fine for me so I don’t add anything underneath or over the top of it. My skin certainly doesn’t feel dry during the day so I just make sure I blot. I use it because I know I have to! I know I am being picky but I think it’s all for the greater good so I keep thinking it will help me look younger for longer. I hope…!

The best one for me is definitely the SPF30 which does dry down more matte on me (although again not completely) the texture isn’t as thick as the 50. I use this from the end of September through till about March and if I find I need a little extra when the weather is very cold I do pop another moisturiser over the top. I find using makeup with primer much easier with the 30 due to the thinner consistency.

Despite my misgivings with the thicker texture, I would still recommend Ultrasun for an every day moisturiser and SPF. I don’t like to layer so many products during the day so the all in one formula for me is so convenient. I know the body formulas are very popular too (I do like the 30 spray, it’s great!) and it is considered more expensive, however if you are only using it once a day then that does cut the cost down a wee bit.

What are your favourite SPF’s?

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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