Tag You’re IT! The Blogger Interview


Hi beauties,

I was tagged by the lovely Allie from http://www.the-makeup-issue.blogspot.co.uk to be a part of a blogger interview post. I am new to blogging like Allie, so a great opportunity to answer a few questions.

  1. How did you get into blogging?

I love reading blogs and I am passionate about beauty so I had been toying with starting a blog for a long time. Due to ill health (I have joint damage in my spine) I had to leave my job in 2012 and wanted to do something with the long days I am stuck at home. I had started to post some brief reviews of products on my Instagram page and always had a positive response so I thought I would begin a blog firstly so I don’t bore the pants off my Other Half every time I got a new beauty product I was raving about and spread the word about things I love.

2. What advice would you give to beginner bloggers?

I would say that you have to write about what genuinely excites you, there is nothing more I love than to discuss beauty with anyone who will listen to me and I hope that comes across in my posts. I think it is much more engaging if you are passionate and enthusiastic about your subject. Also promote your blog on your social sites but don’t spam as that is a very fast way of annoying potential readers. I recently unfollowed a couple of people on Twitter because every message was practically the same blog posts and it drives me mad!

3. What would be your dream campaign?

To be honest I am not sure!! That might sound a bit strange but I am so new to the blogging world that I haven’t actually thought that far ahead. One project that I am thrilled to be involved in is the 30 Plus Blog Collective started by Hayley at http://www.londonbeautyqueen.com which is about spreading the word about fantastic blogs written by bloggers over 30. There are many categories recognised so it’s not just about beauty, but the main point was to let the world know that just because us ladies are over 30 doesn’t mean we become invisible and don’t have a voice. Beauty is for all ages whether you are 19 or 90!

4. Do you have a plan for your blog?

The only plan I have so far is just continue writing! I have enjoyed blogging so much and it has given me a sense of purpose. I get up in the morning excited about what posts to plan and what new purchases I can make! Being at home all day can be a bit isolating and I can’t always get out and about, it really depends on how my pain levels are day to day. I have also learned so much through reading other blogs too,  so I always love discovering new blogs and their authors.

So I tag the following blogs:


Ashley at http://www.mysomewhatbeauty.wordpress.com


Sarah at http://www.IamFabulicious.com


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I'm a beauty junkie and nail polish addict. Love Instagram and reading other beauty blogs.

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