Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender

 Hello lovelies,

This is a strange product in that it is a mattifying product but there is no powder. As you may know, I have oily skin that drives me crazy so I am interested in anything that will help the dreaded shine!

Mally is an American makeup artist with a makeup range that she sells on QVC America and QVCUK. She is a very exuberant character and it’s hard not to like her! She seems to develop products that are extremely clever that no one has thought of before.

The Evercolor Poreless Face Defender is a balm that with the sponge provided, you pat gently over your face to stop the shine, hide fine lines and pores. You simply press the sponge into the compact and tap the product over your makeup. Try not to swiped as this can remove whatever base you have applied and you would have to start again.

I think it is very good at stopping shine, but I can’t say that it gets rid of pores or fine lines so that’s where it falls down for me, it doesn’t quite live up to the hype which is a shame. It’s also very expensive at £35.04, although you don’t need much but I do think it’s a big outlay for one purchase. And because it doesn’t deliver all that it claims I don’t think I could justify replacing it when it does run out but I am glad I tried it.

So a bit disappointing I’m afraid, good for stopping the midday shine (or at any time of day!) but for me at least doesn’t leave me poreless.

Have you come across this product? If so what did you think?

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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5 thoughts on “Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender”

  1. Hi lucy, I absolutely love ally’s pore Defender. I don’t suffer with oily skin but its great for that ‘3pm shine’ that many of us get due to sweat. I do find it hides pores, I dab it on with a sponge around the t-zone area and its great for setting make up. I tend to use for a matte effect in the winter and find it lasts for ages.
    Heidi x

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    1. Hi Heidi, I really wanted to love it perhaps my pores are particularly big lol! I’ve always used it with the sponge and dabbed so I didn’t wipe off the base but I can’t get it poreless if you know what I mean. It’s probably user error! It is good for shine as I am ridiculously oily xx


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