Gatineau Firming Throat Gel

 Hello beauties!

Another new product that I have tried recently and absolutely loved. I am noticing that the lines on my neck area are getting a bit deeper and my skin is starting to look a bit crepey. As I think prevention is better cure, I decided to try out the very popular Gatineau Firming Throat Gel.

It is quite a thick gel texture and has a very alcoholic smell which thankfully wears off quickly! You only need a pea sized amount of the gel and you need to apply it morning and evening in upward strokes. The gel has slight tightening feeling, this is not unpleasant and again it wears off quickly and the effect is a much more smoothed and toned appearance.

I got a 15ml travel size that lasted me about 5 weeks and I was very impressed with the results, the lines are still there but they are looking less defined and much less deep. The crepey-look is also smoothed and more moisturised. The skin is left feeling comfortable and smooth, that lasts all day.

I really didn’t expect such a quick result from this product and it’s definitely accumulative, now I have run out I can see some of the crepey-ness is returning so if you suffer with this particular problem and think you’ve left it too late I would recommend this for you to try. It is a repeat purchase which I do think is the greatest compliment you can give a product!

Have you tried any neck care products, if so what do you think?

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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2 thoughts on “Gatineau Firming Throat Gel”

  1. Hi Lucy, haha..great minds. Yes you do need to keep neck creams up for efficacy really, just like I find with nail treatments as stopping usage lets the problem creep back. Worth buying a full size in this, I’ve found it’s helped my crepeyness
    Heidi x

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    1. Hi Heidi, I shall be ordering a tube very soon I was so impressed with the results! I do like Gatineau, their products really do work for me, I also love the melatogenine mask.
      Lucy xx


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