Manicure of the Day 27/07/15

Hello beauties!

So back to a manicure post, this was one that I had a lot of compliments on my Instagram page when I first posted it.

This was OPI Cool Pink Nail Envy and OPI I Lost My Bikini in Molokini which was one of my favourites from the Hawaii collection.

The pink Envy is so easy to wear and I have completely fallen in love with it. So handy to have if you want to have colour and treatment in the same formula.

I Lost My Bikini in Molokini is a fantastic vibrant purple, it’s a creme finish which is my preferred formula at the moment (just because of the incredible gloss you get) it is part of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection but I think it’s one you could wear all year round. In my opinion you can’t beat a good purple!!

Both polishes were easy to use and the formula was OPI’s consistent quality, both opaque in two coats and finished off with Seche Vite top coat.

A bit of colour in contrast to the last neutral mani, what are your favourite colours to wear?

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


Daniel Sandler Pro Intensive Volume Mascara

 Hi Beauties!

I am a huge fan of Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush (Click here to see my review) so when I heard that Daniel had created a new mascara I couldn’t wait to try it!

I am quite lucky in that my lashes are quite long but they are very straight so when I don’t use mascara my eyes look quite closed. I was super impressed when I tried this mascara as it not only doubled the look of my lashes it actually pulled my heavy straight lashes up into a good curl.
 This is two coats both top and bottom and my lashes are still so soft and the dark pigment is gorgeous. It is very easy to build up and it doesn’t clump or smudge, something that has always frustrated me when I have used other mascaras in the past. It really is fantastic product, I can understand why it took so long to develop! The brush is flat meaning you can get into corners easily and quickly and there is just enough product on the brush in order to get a fantastic finish.

In my opinion, this is a great mascara and would definitely recommend it. Daniel Sandler Intense Volume Pro Mascara is available from at £18.50.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Ultrasun Anti Ageing Face Formulas


 Hi beauties

I wanted to talk about SPF for this post and specifically Ultrasun SPF Face formulas, which I use every day.

We all know the importance of using SPF although a lot of people only wear it in the Summer, as I have pigmentation I am very conscious of not making it worse and SPF50 was recommended to me for every day use. I like to use Ultrasun as it is a once a day product and I feel that is perfect for me when I do get out and about, so I don’t need to worry about having a repeat application product. The only time I would reapply is if I did go out sunbathing (not something I particularly like doing) or was out for a whole day and unable to take a shade break. These formula’s are specifically made for the face having anti ageing ingredients such as ectoin and also has moisturising agents.

I have tried 3 of Ultrasun’s facial formulas, SPF30, SPF50 and SPF50 Anti Pigmentation. It was the anti pigmentation one that disappointed me the most as I did not notice any difference whatsoever despite using it for a good 3 months. Perhaps I need to use it for longer but it is an extremely expensive formula to use so for me to not achieving any kind of result I can’t justify using it.

SPF50 I have been using since the Spring, I do like it, but despite all the presentations on QVC saying it dries matte and isn’t greasy, it doesn’t and it ain’t!! It is very greasy on my skin and I do struggle finding a good enough primer to use with makeup that doesn’t shine through immediately. It is quite a thick texture, so much more rich than I would choose in a night cream so for oily skin it’s not the ideal however I am sure for drier skins this would be no problem. Moisturising wise it is fine for me so I don’t add anything underneath or over the top of it. My skin certainly doesn’t feel dry during the day so I just make sure I blot. I use it because I know I have to! I know I am being picky but I think it’s all for the greater good so I keep thinking it will help me look younger for longer. I hope…!

The best one for me is definitely the SPF30 which does dry down more matte on me (although again not completely) the texture isn’t as thick as the 50. I use this from the end of September through till about March and if I find I need a little extra when the weather is very cold I do pop another moisturiser over the top. I find using makeup with primer much easier with the 30 due to the thinner consistency.

Despite my misgivings with the thicker texture, I would still recommend Ultrasun for an every day moisturiser and SPF. I don’t like to layer so many products during the day so the all in one formula for me is so convenient. I know the body formulas are very popular too (I do like the 30 spray, it’s great!) and it is considered more expensive, however if you are only using it once a day then that does cut the cost down a wee bit.

What are your favourite SPF’s?

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Manicure of the Day 23/07/15

 Hello Beauties!

This is a nude polish that I find myself going back to time and time again which is Leighton Denny Supermodel. I lost the ability to do a french manicure a long time ago and I haven’t got the patience to pick it back up again, but I find this is the next best thing as it goes with anything you want to wear fashion wise. As Leighton himself says, it’s the perfect taupe.

Supermodel was launched in 2007 and quickly became one of Leighton’s most popular polishes and still remains so 8 years later. It’s so easy to wear, the formula is fantastic (I am a huge fan of Leighton’s nailcare brand, it really does do brilliant products) and the wear time for me is also very good. I get a good 5 days out of a manicure and then it is only minimal tip wear which I think is impressive.

I added a bit of subtle glitz with this one by Nails Inc for Glamour Magazine, I prefer golds with Supermodel, I find it works so much better than a silver glitter and got a lot of compliments with this combination. Perfect neutral with a little bit of shimmer!

What are your favourite neutral polishes? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Elemis Pro Collagen Super Serum

Hi beauties,

This is a great product that I wanted to review as Elemis is one of my favourite brands and I had heard so many good things about the Pro Collagen Super Serum. I purchased the 15ml bottle that lasted me about 6 weeks, I already love Pro Collagen Marine Cream I wanted to supercharge those results and see what all the hype was about.

The serum is quite thick and has an oily texture so I did find that I could feel that I was wearing it which I haven’t had with another serum before especially when you have to put a moisturiser over the top. That said, it does glide over the skin very easily, so I found that a little goes a very long way. The smell is absolutely beautiful, the similar kind of smell of Pro Collagen Marine cream but it is not overpowering.

I can say I was very impressed with the results that I had with this product, it really did reduce the wrinkles underneath my eyes and made them look so much better. As I only used it for about 6 weeks they are obviously still there, so I think I may have to get another bottle to carry on the great result I had. My number one line on my forehead was even more reduced and it has always been more stubborn as I frown a lot when I am concentrating. I didn’t think that it would be as brilliant for lines as I had heard it has been. I found also that I didn’t need to add as much moisturiser over the top as the serum is rich. Oilier skins may find this too much, however if you have dry skin I think you would find the combination of both is fine for you.

This serum is excellent, as it was Elemis I didn’t think I would be disappointed but it really did exceed my expectation. If lines and wrinkles are your main concern give this a try, I think you would enjoy it. Elemis Pro Collagen Super Serum in the 15ml pump bottle is only available at QVCUK for £42.00.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Manicure of the Day 21/07/15

 Hello Lovelies,

As I am sure you all know by now, I do love my reds and although this looks quite similar to my Mani of the Day 17/07/15 these are two cream shades from OPI. Big Apple Red is a fantastic classic red shade, one of OPI’s top selling colours. I absolutely love it and I think its safe to say one of my OPI favourites.

I Stop For OPI is more of a tomato colour so a lot lighter than the Big Apple Red, I personally don’t think you can have too many shades of red in a polish collection and I do enjoy having accent nails. I usually struggle to decide what to wear so what better than 2 colours rather than 1! 

Both of these shades are OPI’s usual good quality and easy to paint. Also clean up is a breeze too which with reds isn’t always the case. I love it when clean up is minimal, I get so frustrated if you have to remove a nail because you can’t clean it up decently.

So these two shades are staples for me and totally gorgeous! 

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blusher

Hi beauties

I wanted to talk about a blush that I absolutely love and that is Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour Fluid Blusher in So Pretty. Daniel is a fabulous UK makeup artist with a great portfolio of makeup products.

This is a blush that really does live up to it’s name, So Pretty! In fact it should be called Stunning as the colour is so beautiful. It is a medium toned pink that would suit all skin tones and extremely easy to wear.

I am very pale so I need a decent punchy colour for a blush but something that isn’t overpowering. So Pretty is absolutely perfect for me as it is the only blush that lasts all day on my oily skin. It has a very subtle sparkle to it (which the camera didn’t pick up) but don’t be put off by that, it won’t make you look like a glitterball.

You need a tiny dot of this product so a 15ml bottle will last you forever!! I would definitely recommend you use this with Daniel’s divine Waterbrush, this is shaped perfectly for my chubby little face so I can get the best application.

You can build colour very easily, from the sheerest wash to a more intense look. I tend to use a drop for each cheek, I put a drop on the back of my hand, pick it up with the Waterbrush and then sweep it over my cheeks towards my hairline.

This is the blush that has pretty much made all the other blushes I own redundant as the results and longevity are so fantastic for me I don’t really use powder blush anymore. It’s also so easy to use and build it is a versatile product. I have used it on lips too and it is a great long lasting stain.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush is available from at £15.50 and the Waterbrush is £15.50. The site does have an offer at the moment that if you buy the two together you save 20%.  Give it a try, it truly is excellent!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx