OPI Nail Envy Wardrobe

Hi beauties!

This is one of the best products for my nails that I have been using for more years than I care to remember: OPI Nail Envy. It must be over 20 years that I have been using Nail Envy, I stopped biting my nails when I was 15 and saw such fantastic results from it that I’ve never strayed from using it.

I take a lot of time over caring for my nails and it’s a real passion (some would say obsession!) of mine and I think if you are interested in looking after your nails you cannot go wrong with Nail Envy. It is a nail strengthener which contains hydrolized wheat protein and calcium to strengthen your nails without them becoming brittle and hard. These 2 ingredients moisturise the nail plate and help bind the nail layers together. It stops the nail layers from lifting, a problem I used to have, it also gives your nails flexibility but does not make them too bendy. I use it as a base coat for every manicure as a maintenance system, but the prescribed way of using it is 2 coats on your natural nails and then every other day you put on another coat. After a week, remove it with non-acetone nail polish remover and start again.

It might seem a bit of a faff having to reapply every other day, however I noticed results in 2 weeks, my nails looked and felt so much healthier. After the 6 weeks of treatment my nails were stronger and more resilient and I can honestly say I have never had any lifting or splitting since then as Nail Envy is such an important part of my nail care routine. I went through a period of about 4 years that I didn’t use nail colour at all (I was very poorly at the time) but I did keep up with Nail Envy so I was able to keep my nails in decent condition. I still have to take strong pain medication and I do find that this does have an impact on my nails so I have to take care of them.

So when this set came up on QVCUK for a crazy price I had to get it. I also love Avoplex and use it religiously numerous times a day, it is a beautiful rich oil which also smells so gorgeous! I really enjoy using it and my nails love the results so Nail Envy and Avoplex are perfect partners.

In this set is the Matte Nail Envy (blue bottle), leaves a matte look on your nails, perfect if you can’t wear polish to work or don’t like to use polish. Men are a big fan of the matte formula as it is undetectable and it does help using it as a base coat for polish as the texture helps to “grip” the colour for longer.

Original Nail Envy (the green bottle) is the one leaves a glossy shiny healthy look to your nails. You can use this as a base coat and a top coat.

A new release in the family is Bubble Bath Nail Envy, a beautiful soft shade that is a classic in the OPI colour collection. It’s a sheer colour that makes your nails look even more healthy and groomed, I don’t usually like sheer colours but this has changed my mind it is so pretty. The collection finishes with a full size Avoplex which you can use with any Envy you like.

Not included in this set, but a bottle I had previously is the Cool Pink Nail Envy. This is a full coverage colour and opaque so a completely different pink to the new Bubble Bath. I’ve only had it for a month but I do know I shall be getting a lot of use out of it! A gorgeous neutral pink that is so easy to wear.

So this is a wonder product that I couldn’t live without and one I never get tired of recommending to others. The Nail Envy Wardrobe is currently £29.98 from QVCUK.

Have you tried Nail Envy or Avoplex? If so what do you think? Let me know.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

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5 thoughts on “OPI Nail Envy Wardrobe

  1. I LLLLOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEE my OPI Blue Nail Envy. At first, using it as the directions said to, it made my nails split and chip and crack; my cuticles were a hot mess!! But then I applied one coat and a couple days later, I applied a second coat… It works amazingly this way for me!!!

    My nails haven’t cracked on the sides, haven’t split down the middle or started peeling AT ALL!!! I didn’t know they had a Matte version!! I’ll be all over that as soon as I can get my hands on some quid!! I’m falling in love with Nail Envy!

    Another informative, awesome post Lucy!!

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    1. Thank you! I actually have 5 bottles in reserve how greedy am I??! I find it works for me as a maintenance when I use it as a base coat, I really couldn’t be without it. The matte one is also excellent as a base, very hard wearing. Glad you enjoyed the post 😘❤️ xx

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