Manicure of The Day 11/07/15

Hello lovelies,

This manicure marks a bit of a new start for me. I have never tried any nail art before and encouraged by the lovely @domesticgodessnails and @stuckin666 from Instagram, I decided to buy some dotting tools. I thought this would be the easier entry into art, I love to see some of the creations on Instagram they really are amazing. I’ve been doing my nails now for about 5 years but was always very reticent to go into nail art as I am NOT a patient person at all!

Anyway, with the ladies encouragement I went onto eBay and got a set of dotting tools. I also went on to YouTube to see a few tutorials (luckily there are hundreds!) so I was able to find an idea of what I wanted to do. I knew the colours I wanted to use which were Kiko Nail Lacquer No. 385 and OPI I Sea You Wear OPI. I did find it a little tricky, I used the biggest tool that I had and I didn’t practice beforehand, I just went ahead and tried it out thinking it would be simple!

I made the mistake of putting the tool directly into the polish bottle and of course got too much on the end, so next time I will try pouring some polish onto a little plastic tray to see if that would be easier. I didn’t have as much control of the tool so I think it looks a bit messy but saying all that, I was pretty happy in my first attempt. Like normal polishing that takes practice so does nail art so I must be patient! I have been given some good tips so now I know what to try to make it look a bit neater.

All in all, not too bad but definitely needs work! I hope you enjoyed my first foray into art, I am certainly glad I had a go and will be practising much more in the future.

Do any of you do nail art? If so, what did you start with? Let me know.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

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I'm a beauty junkie and nail polish addict. Love Instagram and reading other beauty blogs.

10 thoughts on “Manicure of The Day 11/07/15

  1. Excellent start! I’m not overly patient either but I still love it (as you might guess from my nail blog lol ;)) but there are lots of designs to try that don’t take too much time. Or do what I do and find something where you’ve got lots of down time (for me playing games or watching a film) so you can do a little bit, say your base colour, then stop for an hour or so, then do a couple of nails with dots, then just keep watching your film etc. Saves you rushing and smudging it 🙂


    1. Thank you that’s really kind.this is what I love about the nail community online, everyone is so supportive. That’s great tip, I’ve also got some plastic trays to pour polish out on so I don’t pick up too much. I shall experiment 😊 xx


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