Nail Polish Haul July 2015 Part Two

Hello beauties,

So this is the other nail polish haul that I have had this month (and I am not ruling out another lol) and as my other half and I were going into Oxford I popped into Kiko to have a look at their polish offering.

To start, I got the beautiful peach colour No.359 this is more opaque than the previous No.360 I bought a while ago. I’m really enjoying trying out new shades this season so I thought this would be a lovely addition to my collection. I tried to do a manicure with it a couple of days ago and it was an absolute nightmare to paint! It was so streaky and thick and I really struggled and it has put me off using it, I will give it another go but if I can’t get a good result I think it will be destined for the bin.

My other half picked up the next 3, the gorgeous bright orange No.491 which is beautiful to use, glides on so easily and so vibrant. It’s gorgeous on the nails, much better to wear than I thought it would be. It’s almost neon and perfect for this time of year.

I had my eye on No.255 the last time I was in store, I love my purples and this one with holographic glitter is right up my street. This is also very easy to paint with, you definitely need two coats for the depth of colour, it is so sparkly and beautiful. I have got so many purple polishes that I can use it with and I think it’s a great one all year round.

The last one is No.493 which is a red with orange and gold glitter running through it, I’ve got it on my nails currently and it really is gorgeous. I love reds anyway and you can never have too many reds in a collection and in the sunshine (which sadly we don’t have today!) it’s stunning. Another one I think that will go well into autumn and winter, I am sure it will be a staple shade.

On the whole good additions to my nail polish collection, I have been really impressed with Kiko colours the formulas are good and easy to use (except No.359!) and to get each one at £2.50 each is fantastic. They are 35% off at the moment so if you haven’t tried the brand it is well worth giving them a try.

What are your favourite polish brands? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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