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I wanted to talk about oils in this post as I am completely addicted to using them. I have oily skin and when I was in my 20’s I was doing all that I can to try and get rid of it by using harsh alcohol based products. I really do wish that I had known that facial oils are very effective on oily skin not just hydrating but also bizarrely slowing oil production down.

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Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate was the first facial oil I tried 5 years ago. Once I turned 30 I was concerned that I needed to start looking for more anti ageing products to put into my skincare regime. I was watching a Liz Earle hour on QVC where Caroline Archer the brand ambassador was explaining that she had used the concentrate and it had helped her oily skin, so I ordered a bottle. Caroline said that as our skin is made up of oil, plant oils are recognised very easily by the skin, nourishing dry and mature skin and balancing oily and combination skin types. Knowing I could send it back if it didn’t suit me, I looked forward to it arriving.

The first thing to hit me was the most beautiful fragrance, it is truly gorgeous and has started my love affair with neroli. It also contains lavender and chamomile essential oils, making it a lovely relaxing treat to use at night. The combination of oils used are hazelnut oil, rosehip seed oil, argan kernel oil, avocado oil and naturally sourced Vitamin E. The concentrate is a beautiful golden colour, I use one pump to cover my face, neck and decolette. I always make sure I inhale the aroma before I apply it, it is such a soothing relaxing fragrance it is such a joy to use. It sinks in very easily without being greasy and I do use a moisturiser over the top and go to sleep. Superskin Concentrate is supposed to be used just a night, however during the first winter I had the oil I found my skin becoming drier so I was using it daytime too. It is definitely my facial oil of choice, if you are struggling with your skin oily or dry it is really worth trying this. You can get it in two sizes 10ml rollerball which is great for travel is £21.00 and the full 28ml size is £42.75.

This was the second facial oil I tried and again this didn’t disappoint, gorgeous scent and texture. Dr Organic Rose Otto Facial Serum is argan oil,jojoba oil, rosa mosqueta oil, passion seed oil and calendula oil. The fragrance is rose but also includes clove and geranium so it’s more of a spicy, woody scent than the Superskin Concentrate. This oil also leaves my skin so soft, smooth and hydrated, it is a silky oil which isn’t greasy. It states on the bottle for use during the day, use it under your moisturiser and a night time use it after your moisturiser. I haven’t used it over my night cream, I always put oils on underneath. Rose Otto Facial Serum is a fantastic budget option, 30ml is £12.99.

A’Kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil I originally tried last year, again after seeing it on QVC. Rosehip has a fantastic reputation as an anti ageing facial oil and as my budget meant that I couldn’t afford to use Superskin all the time I wanted to try this. The texture of this oil is different as it is classed as a dry oil which I think it brilliant for oily skin types. It sinks in very easily with hardly any residue at all so if you don’t like oils because you find them greasy, this would be a great product to try. It has a great effect on my skin, really helps to slow the oil production whilst still hydrating my skin. The only thing that puts me off is the smell! It is extremely earthy, you do get used to it, however for me it is not as enjoyable to use as it can be off putting. A 23ml bottle is £18.00.


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I have only very recently tried Decleor Aromessence Neroli Oil Serum, in fact of the Decleor skincare range I actually tried the balm first. I loved that, so wanted to try the oil form and as it’s neroli I knew I would adore it the smell. It’s right up there with Superskin Concentrate for me, it’s a finer oil and it’s recommended that you only use 3 drops so a 15ml bottle should last you six months. I’ve got a 5ml two month supply, the first night I used it I loved the fragrance straight away and the results were fantastic. My skin is usually an oil slick in the morning, but I didn’t have as much oil yet my skin looked hydrated and felt so comfortable. I am going to continue using it with the balm and will do a separate review and let you know how I am getting on with both. Aromessence Neroli is 15ml for £44.00

  This argan oil is another oil I always have a stock of, last Winter it was a staple in my routine both for my skin and my hair. I first tried this in a smaller bottle and when I ran out of the 100ml  bottle that I had ordered, I got this 250ml bottle. I do decant the oil into a dropper bottle so it is easier for me to dispense. It is another beautiful oil, slightly thicker in texture but only very slight. It is excellently moisturising, of course argan oil is famous for being anti ageing, full of essential fatty acids that are needed by the skin but unable to produce for itself. It is also good for sensitive skin, being only one ingredient. If you have sensitivities it is best to pare back your routine and eliminate the irritants, argan oil is brilliant for dry, scaly, red and sore skin. I have eczema and with the oil I mention below, I use it for the horrible cracks and sores I can get.

I have also had lovely results using argan oil in my hair, it speeds up my blow-dry time, makes it soft, shiny and conditioned. On wet hair I use about three drops, run it through my hair and dry it, for an intensive scalp treatment I usually double the amount and sleep in it overnight. It helps my scalp which is SO dry and flaky (I have psoriasis on my scalp and it drives me mad!!) so for that reason alone I would always have this in my beauty regime. Argan is such a versatile oil for face, body and hair if you just want one multi use product I recommend it. I got this bottle from eBay from the seller realargan and the 250ml pump bottle cost £24.99.
 Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil is perhaps the most luxurious oil I have ever used. This oil is the only one I don’t use on my face, it’s mainly just a body oil for me. I have used it in my hair before, but as I get such good results from the argan, I didn’t want to waste this precious oil! Obviously the most special property is it’s fragrance. Frangipani is quite heady, but not headache inducing, floral and tropical, it truly is a stunning product. I use this after I get out of the shower or bath, use it on wet skin as it goes further and absorbs better and it really does help my dry skin. It is a fine oil that again isn’t greasy, my skin drinks it up and the scent does last a long time.

It is a luxury product, so I try to buy it in the duo from QVC as it makes it more affordable and then I don’t feel so guilty about having it! It is coconut oil based and solidifies at cooler temperatures, this time of year it’s fine and liquid but in the colder months it does harden so you need to melt it before using. I pop it in the sink while I’m in the shower to let it return to liquid and it’s ready to use. It is £34.00 per 100ml.

So these are my top picks, do you use oils? What do you think of them? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

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6 thoughts on “Oils

  1. I used to be the same and used so many harsh products trying to stop my skin from being so oily, I wish I knew better then. Since discovering beauty blogs a few years back I have learnt more about skincare in those couple of years then my whole life. I’m using now Ole Henriksen Pure Truth oil which is basically Rose Hip oil and it’s fantastic. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

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    1. That’s my big wish too! I love them now and love learning about new formulas. I am getting a bit geeky lol. I love the effect rose hip has on my skin but it’s the smell I’m not in love with it does put me off a bit! I admire Ole Henriksen, he is so amazing, I hope to be able to try his products some day xx


  2. As a trained complementary therapist I have an obsession with oils and blends, I tend to blend my own facial oils however I do get sucked in to commercially produced facial oils now and again and my current favourite is the Aurelia cell repair night oil, it leaves no reside and smells delightful.

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