Liz Earle No.15

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I wanted to talk about my favourite fragrance that I have been using ever since it’s launch a couple of years ago Liz Earle Botanical Essence No.15. This was the second fragrance that Liz Earle created and was hand crafted by French perfumer Alienor Massenet. No.15 is a spicier, more woody fragrance which was a total difference to the fresh citrus offering of Botanical Essence No.1. It has 15 of the worlds finest botanical ingredients resulting in a seductive fresh oriental.

Years ago my staple fragrance was Clinique Happy so I was really surprised that I loved this from the moment I first sniffed this gorgeous scent. It is much more of oriental aroma without the heady heaviness that you get from traditional oriental scents. The perfume comes in a beautiful box which protects it from the light and heat and on the inside actually lists all the ingredients which are:

  1. Damask Rose
  2. Cedarwood
  3. Vetitver
  4. Bergamot
  5. Tonka Bean
  6. Clove Bud Oil
  7. Benzoin Gum
  8. Elemi Gum
  9. Vanilla Extract
  10. Pink Pepper Berry Oil
  11. Sandalwood Essential Oil
  12. Cinnamon Leaf Oil
  13. Guaiacwood Oil
  14. Cypriol Root Oil
  15. Patchouli

Botanical Essence No.15 is such a beautiful warm, sensual fragrance that I definitely think is a grown up scent, I adore wearing it and always get a lot of compliments when I wear it. My partner also loves it, I could think that guys could actually wear this as an aftershave because it’s a deeper, more earthy scent. I wear it every day as I don’t believe in keeping fragrance for best, I find that a few sprays behind my neck and in my hair lasts me all day. The bottle comes in a 50ml size and costs £49.00.

So what is your favourite perfume? Let me know.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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