Sunshine Blogger Award and a bit more about me.


Happy Thursday Lovelies!

Thank you so much to Nail Polish Lover who has nominated me for my first award The Sunshine Blogger Award! I am so thrilled and excited that so soon after I started my blog I have got some lovely readers and now an award. It means a lot to me which sounds glib, but as I started my blog to talk to like-minded folk who love beauty it has given me something creative to work on and fill my empty days.

I’ve not talked about this before but I am unable to work due to illness (I have chronic pain due to joint damage in my spine), so between much needed naps due to the pain and fatigue I wanted to do something constructive, something that would give me some more confidence and turn a hobby into something that I can discuss with others so that I don’t feel so isolated.

Anyway, back to the award! To accept the award I have to:

  • Thank and link the person who nominated me
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated me
  • Nominate a few other bloggers
  • Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers I nominate
  • Notify the bloggers on their blog
  • Put the award button on my blog

So here are my answers to the questions I was asked:

  1. My first pet was a tabby cat called Gemma, she adopted my family when I was very little. She lived to the ripe old age of about 17 and was very feisty, I still miss her!!
  2. If I had to leave the house with only one item and why I think it would be my phone! I have to charge it so many times a day due to me always checking Twitter, Instagram, texting and browsing the web. It’s always with me..!
  3. My favourite restaurant is my local indian called Shaan in Witney where I live. The food is fantastic and the service is great too. They also do takeaway so me and my other half have a cheeky curry once a week.
  4. The singer I could listen to over and over and not get bored is Gary Barlow. I am a huge fan of him & Take That and have been for 25 years. He’s a great songwriter with such a great voice, plus he’s pretty hot too lol.
  5. What suggestions do I have for your blog? To be honest, I don’t as I do love the blog the way it is!

So now I nominate the following:

Tamzin at

Meredith at

Hannah at

Jen at

Questions to my nominees are:

  1. What is your favourite blog and why?
  2. What is your favourite beauty item and why?
  3. What 3 qualities would your friends say about you?
  4. What is your best feature?
  5. If you could meet anyone who would it be?

Again thanks to Nail Polish Lover for my nomination and I look forward to seeing the responses!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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I'm a beauty junkie and nail polish addict. Love Instagram and reading other beauty blogs.

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