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Hello again!

I’ve mentioned this product briefly before in my manicure favourites (Click here to have a look) but I wanted to do a bit more of an in depth review as it is a staple in my mani routine. I have very ridged and dry nails (despite using as much cuticle oil as I can get my hands on!) and I change my colour a lot. I don’t use acetone, but I do use quite a cheap remover which I suspect isn’t doing me any favours. (I’ve actually ordered a bottle of OPI Non acetone remover to see how it stacks up against the Superdrug own brand I am using at the moment)

Anyway, remover aside, my nails are strong (thanks Nail Envy!) but dehydrated and I hate the dreaded ridges so Leighton Denny Renovate really is an essential product for me. It is a two step process, you start by gently buffing your nails with the first side of the duplex buffer. You then apply a tiny amount of the Renovate cream to your nails and it really does need to be tiny as you will waste the product (and it is far too precious for that!) and ruin the buffer. A pinhead amount is ample, so rub this all around your nails until the cream has disappeared. Rub your nails up and down as well as side to side so that all of the nail has been covered. After that you then buff with the second side of the duplex buffer and the cream has been pushed into your nails and you are left with a beautiful high shine and your nails will be water repellent.

The Renovate system effectively exfoliates your nails, getting rid of dehydration and pushing in essential oils of lemon, lime, lavender, cardamom, eucalyptus and orange, it smells fresh and clean. Apart from the oils, the cream contains  avocado oil which is a rich hydrator along with rice bran oil, glycerin, bio active glass, diamond particles, panthenol and Vitamin E.

If you want an intense treatment because your nails are weak, peeling or cracking I would recommend using Renovate for a 14 day detox treatment. Only use the first side of the buffer once as any more would make them too thin, but apply the cream and buff with the second side twice a day for 14 days. You will see a result from the first time you use it, over time you will feel the results, your nails will be smoother, more hydrated and strengthened.

I use Renovate every time I remove polish before I do another manicure, it helps smooth my nail plate so easily (I suffer with peeling at the side of my nails which makes bumps underneath polish – sounds weird but it’s the only way I can describe it!) so that when I do come to polish again it’s smooth, shiny and a flat nail plate which takes the polish much better. Leighton advises to leave a 4 hour gap after using Renovate as the oils may cause the polish to lift, however I have never had a problem with that. What I do is remove old polish, apply Renovate, oil and handcream and then I have my afternoon nap. When I wake up (about an hour to 1.5 hours later) I wash my hands, then polish. I obviously can’t guarantee that if you use this method that your polish won’t lift, but it works for me.

You can also use Renovate as a cuticle treatment and if you are going to be immersing your hands in a lot of water, (washing up, swimming etc) apply a layer over your polish to protect it. I find it enjoyable to use because of the beautiful smell, so it’s not one of those products that you know is good for you but you don’t like it. And also for me the results are so superb that it is definitely a repeat purchase. I don’t know how long I have had my tube (a year possibly!) and I have needed to replace the buffer, I am only half way through the tube so I think that says you do not need a lot of it! It originally came in a set but singly Renovate with the buffer is £13.25 from http://www.leightondenny.com, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and QVCUK.com

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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